Seminarian Health Insurance

Here is the link to the Seminary Health Insurance:

 Please see the policy below:
Students registered for twelve or more credits and interns are required to validate their enrollment or waive the insurance before our September 7, 2012 deadline by visiting the website listed above. This does not apply to Part-Time and Post Graduate Students awaiting a call. Their enrollment is voluntary and a different premium applies. The deadline required by Gettysburg Seminary is earlier than the deadline shown on the EIIA website.
NOTE: If you are insured by a state funded plan, you may lose coverage by enrolling in one of these plans. Please contact your case manager before enrolling.
NEW STUDENTS: Please note that all plans have a 12-month pre-existing limitation. This means that conditions existing prior to the effective date of coverage are not covered unless, you have been insured the last 12 consecutive months (no breaks in coverage) and you can provide a Certificate of Creditable Coverage (COCC) to United Healthcare. Your COCC should be faxed to United Healthcare at (469) 229-5612. Please make sure to include your seminary’s name. New illnesses and injuries are covered starting on the effective date of coverage. There can be no lapse in coverage between the two coverages.
RETURNING STUDENTS:  The 12-month pre-existing limitation will not apply for individuals who have been continuously insured under the school’s student insurance policy for at least 12 consecutive months.
Post-graduate students waiting assignment and Part-time students may purchase coverage only on an annual basis at a higher premium.
 IMPORTANT: Waivers must be received by the September 7th deadline. No credits will be issued after the deadline date. No exceptions will be made. You will need your student ID number.
We are committed to providing you with quality customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance, please contact EIIA at 1(888) 255-4029.