Cable TV at LTSG

If when you connect your cable box you receive an error page on your TV that tells you to call Comcast. Do not call the number on the screen. Call 1-855-638-2855. When you are connected to a rep tell them you are part of a bulk account and about the error. They will request the serial number of your converter and will confirm the address that is printed on the converter. If all goes properly they will be able to quickly reestablish service for you and the channels should appear.

LTSG provides those living on campus with basic cable TV service through a Comcast bulk rate account.  To receive basic cable channels you need nothing more than a TV and the LTSG supplied converter box.  

To order additional converter boxes or subscribe to advanced services you will need to contact Comcast directly at 1-855-638-2855. You must provide them with your street address (not 61 Seminary Ridge) and unit number (if applicable), this will be on the seminary provided converter box. You will be billed directly for these additional services by Comcast.

If you are experiencing problems with your TV service please contact the IT department at or by calling 717-338-3037 and leaving a message.  Below are a number of resources to assist you with obtaining the best results from the cable TV system.
Helpful Resources