Campus Computer Labs

There are a number of publicly available computers on campus for student use.  These are all loaded with Microsoft Office and have internet access allowing easy access to webmail, Fisher's Net and other essential on-line resources.

Library Main Floor: Five computers, one black/white laser printer and one color inkjet printer are available for student use in the library lobby. Also located on the main floor in a quiet area at the south end of the building are four computers, a black/white laser printer, a color inkjet printer and a scanner. One additional system near the periodicals section has a variety of software for student use including BibleWorks.  All systems are set up to allow easy access to the library on-line catalog from the Eastern Cluster Catalog Online (ECCO).

Library Ground Floor: On the ground floor of the library are two computer systems available for student use. They may not be easy to find but they do provide a quiet work space.

Valentine Hall Ground Floor Room 121: Located near the middle of Valentine’s bottom floor, this lab contains four computer systems, a black/white laser printer, a color inkjet printer and a scanner.

Valentine Hall Room 416: Located in this room as a computer loaded with Finale music composition software and a MIDI keyboard.  Contact the IT department if you would like access to this system.