Classroom Podiums

There are six classrooms equipped with advanced computer/media podiums on the LTSG campus. These podiums allow for the playback and display of cassette tapes, cd's, videos, DVD's and computer presentations. They are also equipped with various wireless technologies freeing the instructor from the need to stand at the podium to manage the presentation.

Each podium is equipped with a manual detailing how to operate the system and what it's capabilities are. We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with these systems before you need to use them in front of a class or group. Podium access requires a key which is available from the receptionist if no other special arrangements or services are needed via ITEMS support.  Send an email to if you have any additional needs or questions.

  • Valentine Auditorium 115
  • Valentine 206 (Aberly)
  • Valentine 308
  • Valentine 310
  • Valentine 314
  • Library Lecture Room