Gettysburg Seminary Academic Calendar


CALENDAR 2014-2015
May 19-23                                            STM Course
June 2-13                                              MAMS/MDiv Course
June 9-13                                              STM Course
July 6-12                                               Certificate in Theological Studies courses
July 7-11                                               Summer Institute for Ministry
July 27-Aug 2                       Lay School of Theology
Aug 15-29                                             Greek session
FALL 2014
Sept 2                                                     Pre-session orientation
Sept 3                                                     Classes start
Sept 3-6                                                 Certificate in Theological Studies course
Sept 11                                                  Washington Theological Consortium Prayer Service, Washington, DC
Sept 16                                                  End of drop/add period
Sept 24                                                  No classes; Senior Approval panels; Sexual Abuse Prevention workshop
Oct 1                                                      Registration opens for January term
Oct 14-15                                              Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 27-31                                              Fall Academy Week; No scheduled classes; Luther Colloquy
Nov 5                                                     Registration opens for Spring semester
Nov 24-28                                             No classes; Reading Days and Thanksgiving recess; offices closed Thurs-Fri
Dec 17                                                   Regular Classes end
Dec 18-19                                             Exam days for all classes; Make-up days as needed
Jan 2-27                                                                Courses                                 
Jan TBD                                                                Diaconal Ministry Formation Event
Jan 7-10                                                                Certificate in Theological Studies course
Jan 13-14                                              Board of Directors meeting
Jan 19                                                    No classes; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; offices closed
Jan 28                                                    Anti-Racism Workshop, Part I
Jan 29                                                    Classes start
Feb 11                                                    End of drop/add period
Apr 2-7                                                  No classes; Spring Break; offices closed Friday
Apr 8                                                      Registration opens for Fall semester
Apr 21-22                                              Board of Directors Meeting
Apr 27-May 1                      Spring Academy Week; No scheduled classes; Spring Convocation
May 13                                                  Classes end
May 14                                                  Anti-Racism Workshop Part II (morning); Exam day; senior grades due at noon
May 15                                                  Commencement
May 18-22                                            STM Course
June 1-12                                              MAMS/MDiv Course
June 8-12                                              STM Course
July 5-11                                               Certificate in Theological Studies courses
July 6-10                                               Summer Institute for Ministry
July 26-Aug 1                       Lay School of Theology
Aug 14-28                                             Greek session

Approved by faculty 11/11/13-subject to revision by FEC; rev 12/2/13