Information about faculty members and staff


Bohleke, Karin - Writing and Research Center Specialist

Bohleke, Briant - Library Director and Archivist

Brent, Roberta - Acquisitions Assistant

Byers, Jennifer - Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer C. Byers

Carlson, Michelle - Director of Lifelong Learning

Michelle Holley Carlson

Carlson, Richard - Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies, Director of Internship, and Coordinator of Post-Internship Candidacy

The Rev. Dr. Richard P. Carlson

Cole, Em - Executive Director of Voices of History and President, Gettysburg Seminary Endowment Foundation

Em Cole

Cooper-White, Michael - President

The Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White

Crouse, Andrew - Technology Services Specialist

Andrew Crouse

Davies, David - Custodian

Dave Davies

Davies, Grainne Davies - Mail and Print Room Manager

Grainne Davies

Dodds, Katie - Field Education Coordinator, DMFE Planning Coordinator

Katie Dodds

Erling, Maria - Professor of Modern Church History and Global Missions and Director of Teaching Parish

The Rev. Dr. Maria E. Erling

Faltas, Nahla - Advancement Services and Research Associate

Nahla Faltas

Fleet, James - Custodian

James Fleet

Folkemer, Stephen - Professor of Church Music and Seminary Cantor

The Rev. Dr. Stephen P. Folkemer

Fullerton, Randolph - Custodian

Randolph Fullerton

Garber, Danielle - Secretary to Program Directors and Lifelong Learning

Danielle Garber

Garretson, Nina - Director of Alumni and Congregational Relations

Nina Garretson

Giebenhain, Katy - Associate Director of Communications

Katy Giebenhain

Hoffman, Mark - Professor of Biblical Studies

The Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman

Hummel, Leonard - Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care and Director of Clinical Pastoral Education

The Rev. Dr. Leonard M. Hummel

Hunt, Karen - Library Assistant

Karen Hunt

Huth, Chelle - Director, Theological Education With Youth

Chelle Huth

Karsteter Meighan, Elizabeth - Assistant to the President and Personnel Officer

Elizabeth Karsteter Meighan

Kowalski, Susan - Financial Aid and Admissions Associate

Susan Kowalski

Largen, Kristin - Interim Dean and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

The Rev. Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen

LeGros, Jean - Gift Officer

Jean S. LeGros

Leslie, William (Bill) - Instructional Technologist

William (Bill) Leslie

Ludwig, Glenn - Vice President of Seminary Advancement

The Rev. Glenn Ludwig

Miller, S. Renee - Director of Advancement Services and Prospect Research

S. Renee Miller

Miner, Chance - Chief Financial Officer

Chance Miner

Mizenko, Wendy - Events and Housing Coordinator

Wendy Mizenko

Muratore, Lauren - Director of Admissions and Assistant Dean of the Chapel

The Rev. Lauren Muratore

Myers, Amy - Staff Accountant

Amy Myers

Oldenburg, Mark - Dean of the Chapel and Steck-Miller Professor of the Art of Worship

The Rev. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg

Orio, Curtis - Library Assistant

Curtis Orio

Posey, Susann - Catalogue Librarian

Susann Posey

Redman, Donald - Director of Information Systems and Education Technology

Donald Redman

Reecher, David - Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

David Reecher

Rippman, Sherry - Manager of the Seminary Bookstore

Sherry L. Rippman

Ritter, Julie - Assistant Registrar and Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Julie A. Ritter

Rivera, Raquel - Receptionist and Music, Gettysburg! Assistant

Raquel Rivera

Robinson, Harold - Library Assistant

Harold Robinson

Schramm, Brooks - Professor of Biblical Studies

The Rev. Dr. Brooks Schramm

Spangler, John - Executive Assistant to the President for Communication and Planning

The Rev. John R. Spangler

Stecker, Julie - Associate Director of Admissions

Julie M. Stecker

Stevens, Marty - Associate Professor in The Arthur L. Larson position of Stewardship and Parish Ministry and Registrar

The Rev. Dr. Marty Stevens

Stjerna, Kirsi - Professor of Reformation Church History and Director of the Institute for Luther Studies

The Rev. Dr. Kirsi I. Stjerna

Waldkoenig, Gilson - Professor of Church in Society in the B.B. Maurer Chair in Town and Country Ministry

The Rev. Dr. Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig

Witt, Dana - Events and Housing Assistant

Dana Witt