FrOGS_logo_web-(1).gifWhat is FrOGSology?  

FrOGSology is the newsletter of the FrOGS program. It’s both an E-Letter and an online study in three sections updated twice a semester with resources that can be used in small groups, corporate worship, and parish media, e.g. newsletters and bulletins. Explore the nature of Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians, FrOGS, by

  • PRAYING WITH US, using prayers and spiritual practices that center our life together
  • LEARNING WITH US, by learning about our students through profiles, call stories, and what they’re learning that they want you to share, e.g. bible studies by faculty members
  • LEAPING WITH US, with activities to do, gifts to give, and trips to take

FrOGSology Edition #1

How your congregation can use FrOGSology

  • Post a link to FrOGSology on the congregation's website
  • Use prayers in worship
  • Print the Seminarian Profile in a newsletter (If length is an issue, do it in two parts)
  • Print FrOGS Facts in newsletters or bulletins
  • Become Prayer-FrOGS: this may be done congregation-wide, or a group can do this