Giving Priorities

Gettysburg Seminary is blessed to receive support from alumni, friends, congregations, synods, and church-wide expressions in a number of ways.
Through annual gifts to the Gettysburg Seminary Fund, capital gifts to endow Faculty Chairs and student scholarships, and planned gifts for the future, our donors make the preparation of future leaders for the church possible. However you choose to support Gettysburg Seminary, your gift is appreciated. As we grow and change, our priorities for giving are adapted to meet current needs or in anticipation of future needs. Below is our current list of priority giving areas.

Gettysburg Seminary Fund
The Gettysburg Seminary Fund (the Annual Fund) is the backbone of the Seminary’s commitment to offer an outstanding graduate education and ministerial formation experience at an affordable level for women and men who choose to respond to God’s call through professional level preparation. Tuition and fees cover only about 25% of the true cost of seminary education. Additional costs are met in part through the regular annual support of synods and church-wide funds – another approximately 25%. The remaining 50% of the cost of seminary education is covered through earnings from our endowment and annual gifts from loyal alumni, friends, and congregations.

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Student Scholarship Fund
The Student Scholarship Fund provides tuition support for seminarians and is an important piece of the Seminary's overall scholarship program. Though the majority of student scholarships are provided through the Seminary’s endowment, annual gifts to the Student Scholarship Fund enable us to offer additional scholarship awards to future church leaders.  
Click here for more about scholarships at Gettysburg Seminary
and to see our 2013 Scholarship Appeal  

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Seminary Endowment

The Seminary’s Endowment provides for the majority of student scholarships. Individuals, families, and congregations have graciously celebrated the lives, faith, and ministry of pastors, parents, friends, and dedicated laity by establishing endowed scholarships in their names. Special public lectures, building renovation, and endowed Faculty positions are also supported by designated endowed funds.

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Learn more about special endowment giving opportunities: the Jubilee Endowed Scholarship and the Folkemer Fund and the new Robin J. Steinke Dean’s Fund.

Campus Development

The current priorities for preservation and facility improvement on our historic campus include the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems for the Seminary chapel and refectory. Gifts to the Campus Development Fund will support system installation as well as renovations to each building.

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Theological Education with Youth (TEY)
Theological Education with Youth, a joint initiative oteylogo_newspage-(1).giff the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, seeks to amplify the faith and witness of high school youth through transformational events focused on theological and vocational discovery.
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The Luther Institute
The Luther Institute, an affiliate of Gettysburg Seminary, is a pan-Lutheran, non-partisan educational organization, promoting the exercise of faith in the public square through civil discourse, theological reflection, and attentive listening. Gifts to Gettysburg Seminary may be designated for the Luther Institute and will be used to support programs and activities led by the Institute.
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