Seminary Ridge Symposium Features Lincoln Headliners, Original Drama

In addition to featuring several of the finest Lincoln scholars anywhere, the 2010 Seminary Ridge Symposium will offer an original drama by Kent Gramm entitled “Lincoln Lives.” Michael Burlingame, Joshua Wolf Shenk, Bruce Evans and Randall Saxon round out the stimulating two day event, October 1-2, 2010.
Symposium attendees will be treated to the original one act play and a look at the shape of Lincoln’s religious influences, his health and psychological saga, and Burlingame’s comprehensive knowledge of Lincoln’s inner world. Gramm, who directs the Symposium, says that “some of you will remember that during the Civil War Centennial in the 1960’s a picture book titled Meet Mr. Lincoln gave a preliminary glimpse into the face and person of the Great Emancipator.” Since then, a great deal of new scholarship has brightened and deepened the picture of Lincoln, and studies of his psychology, health, and religion have supplemented growing work on his more public visage.
The word "magisterial" is not an exaggeration when applied to Michael Burlingame’s new Abraham Lincoln: A Life; and those who have read his The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln must agree that Publishers Weekly did not exaggerate in calling this book a "revelation," "the most convincing portrait of Lincoln’s personality to date," and "perhaps the most important piece of Lincoln biography" to appear in the last fifty years. At the ninth Seminary Ridge Symposium, we have an opportunity to hear and meet the greatest Lincoln scholar and biographer of our time.

Joshua Wolf Shenk’s Lincoln’s Melancholy is similarly a revelation, as it presents not only a psychological portrait of Lincoln, but places it in the wider context of his challenges and achievements. The large popular audience generated by this book attests not only the contribution made by Mr. Shenk’s work, but to the sensibility behind the work. The same can be said for our other presenters: each brings a unique, profound, and intelligent lifetime of meditation to an aspect of this giant and still mysterious character. The 2010 Symposium will bring "the Lincoln nobody knows" into sharper focus, clarify our own vision, and prove that in a nation given "a new birth of freedom," Lincoln lives.

A guided tour of the Seminary Ridge’s most iconic Cupola, which was used as the lookout by General Buford and later by southern soldiers, will be offered as an option during the Symposium. Registration and costs for the event are available at or by calling 717-338-3030. 

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