2011 Hein-Fry Covers Reading the Bible with the Ecumenical World

2011 Hein Fry Lectures at Gettysburg Seminary

"Hearing the Word: Lutherans Read the Bible with the Ecumenical World"

The 2011 Hein-Fry Lectures will address global and ecumenical approaches to biblical interpretation and take place on March 10, 2011 at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. The lectures are free and open to the public.

For a full schedule, see www.ltsg.edu/Lifelong-Learners/Hein-Fry-Lecture

The Bible is not an exclusive word and those who share in its messages are related to one another, whether we want to be or not.  Other Christians around the world have positive ways of experiencing the Bible that Lutherans can learn from and Lutherans have an opportunity to share their experiences of the Bible with those around the world. Hein-Fry in 2011 will give us an opportunity to enter into dialogue with a variety of Christians outside U.S. Lutheranism about engaging the Bible through global and ecumenical perspectives. 

Lecturers at the Gettysburg Seminary stop on the lecture tour this year include the Reverend Dora E. Arce-Valentín, who is a professor of New Testament at the Seminario Evangelico de Teologia (SET) in Mantanzas, Cuba. She also serves as the Vice-Director of the program High Studies in Religious Sciences as well as a special lay program of SET in Havana, Cuba.  A native of Santa Clara, Cuba, Rev. Arce-Valentín followed in the footsteps of her Presbyterian pastor father and teacher/lay leader mother and was commissioned as a minister for Word and Sacrament in 1994. Following Arce-Valentín will be the Rev. Dr. Nelavala,  a 2008 graduate of Drew University’s Ph.D. program in Biblical Studies.  She has cultivated inter-cultural and inter-contextual perspectives as a biblical scholar through her international experience, exposure and participation in various forums. Her teaching interests are in Biblical hermeneutics and integrated courses of cultural studies, feminist studies and postcolonial studies.    She has been a visiting lecturer at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and previously served as an Assistant Professor in Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute in Chennai, India.  In addition to her teaching and advocacy, Dr. Nelavala is an ordained Lutheran minister from India and approved for rostering in the ELCA as an ordained pastor.

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