Convocation Offers Getting Greener Faithfully April 17-18

SpringConvo_2012_webcover.jpgGettysburg Seminary Offers Getting Greener Faithfully in April Spring Convocation for Church Leaders
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Gettysburg Seminary will offer a two day emersion into stewardship of the environment and green movements in theology as it explores the state of eco-theology in its annual Spring Convocation held on campus April 17-18, 2012. 

In this two day event, in which lectures and workshops are free and open to the public, Gettysburg Seminary partners with GreenFaith, an interfaith partner for the environment, to present lectures by renowned scholar/practitioners in the field of ecological theology. Nationally known presenters include GreenFaith’s Fletcher Harper, New Testament scholar David Rhoads of, theologian Cynthia Moe-Lobeda and Gilson Waldkoenig, from the Gettysburg Seminary faculty. An array of workshops offered on Wednesday April 18th will supply practical applications for ministries that serve the care of creation.

The two day event is geared toward church leaders, both ordained and lay, interested in examining faithful stewardship of the environment through the lenses of scripture, theology, ethics, justice, worship and congregational practice.

The lectures, which are free and open to the public, will be held in one of the facilities made greener by the Seminary, in the notable chapel where its first major installation of geothermal heating and cooling took place in 2011. Fletcher Harper serves as Executive Director of GreenFaith. An award-winning spiritual writer and nationally-recognized preacher on the environment, Harper teaches and speaks at houses of worship from a range of denominations nationwide about the moral, spiritual basis for environmental stewardship and justice. He is an Episcopal priest.Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, teaches at Seattle University as Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Theology and Religious Studies.  She served as Director of the Washington, D.C. office of Augsburg College’s Center for Global Education, and as a missionary health worker in Honduras. She is a prolific writer and also teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary Northwest.David Rhoads is Professor of New Testament, Emeritus, at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He is a prolific scholar and a passionate eco-justice and environmental ministry advocate, and initiated the Web of Creation, an online environmental service for congregations and serves as director of the Green Congregation Program. Gettysburg Seminary Professor of Church in Society, B.B. Maurer Chair for Town and Country Church Ministry and a 2011 Greenfaith Fellow. Rural and small-town churches facing social change are a particular concern of his, along with environmental history and ecological theology. 

Workshops will supplement the public presentations and include six distinct offerings:
Green Worship: Integrating Creation into Liturgy, Religious-Environmental Education for Children and Teens, Greening Your Congregation, Environmental Advocacy for Congregations, A Whirlwind Tour through the Bible and the Environment, and Getting Started in Green Facility Management

The setting for Wednesday Eucharist will be the “Of Land and Seasons Liturgy” in a newly updated setting compiled by Stephen and Beth Folkemer. For details about all presenters, visit the Seminary website: .

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