Pastor Ginny Price Called to New Hope, Columbia MD

Pastor Virginia (“Ginny”) Price, Gettysburg Seminary’s Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Spiritual Formation, received and accepted a call to serve as pastor of New Hope Lutheran Church in Columbia, Maryland.  Her service will conclude her service on the staff of the seminary November 30th and her new call will begin with the Church’s Advent season, December 1, 2013.

In her letter announcing her resignation in order to accept New Hope’s call, Pr. Price stated that she has “been blessed to work alongside and learn from some of the best minds and hearts in the church at Gettysburg Seminary. The Admissions staff is outstanding,” she added, and “It has also been a privilege to walk with prospective students along their discernment journey and to share the many gifts of this strong institution with them. I am grateful for the varied opportunities I have had while serving here.”

President Michael Cooper-White spoke for the Seminary community in saying: “While we are saddened to see Ginny leave Gettysburg and our immediate campus community, as I have stated on other occasions, a seminary of the church should always rejoice when one of its members is called to serve a congregation of God’s faithful.  So we do rejoice with the people of God at New Hope and in the Delaware-Maryland Synod where she has already been a leader for many years.”

Together with our administrative Team Leaders, Admissions Office staff and the faculty’s Admissions Committee, the Seminary will be working to provide for ongoing leadership in Admissions and to sustaining Pastor Price’s work as Coordinator of Spiritual Formation.

With vacation and other transition schedules, Pastor Price’s last day on the Seminary campus will be Friday, November 8th and a staff farewell is scheduled for November 13th at 1:15pm in the seminary Refectory. 


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