The Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies - Christian Education Degree

The Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies - Christian Education (MAMS-CE) degree program prepares persons for service as an associate in ministry, deaconess, or diaconal minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) or for similar leadership in other denominations.

The MAMS-CE degree program prepares students to:
  • Interpret the role and content of Christian religious education in the overall life of the congregation and the educational heritage of the denominations
  • Demonstrate parish leadership in the areas of Christian education and nurture in the congregation
  • Develop, review and assess appropriate resources and programs for Christian education that respond to the local, regional, national, and global contexts
  • Integrate worship and educational ministry in light of the various theological disciplines
  • Work effectively within the matrix of congregational, ecumenical, and inter-religious contexts
Degree Concentrations
In addition to the seminary's defined degree concentrations, MAMS-CE students may choose to focus their elective credits in a particular area of specialization.  The selection of these classes is generally made in partnership with the student's candidacy committee based on their expected ministry focus.

Field Education Requirements
The MAMS-CE degree has two field education requirements:
  • Teaching Parish
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
These field education experiences are connected to Integrative Seminars designed to help students synthesize their coursework with field experience.

Religious Education Project and Supervised Teaching
The purpose of the religious education project and supervised teaching is to provide the candidate an opportunity to develop practical skills while integrating theological education with the role of teacher.

Requirements for Admission and Application Process

Application Materials

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid