Town and Country Church Ministry Degree Concentration

The majority of North American congregations are in town and country settings, as are almost half of the ELCA congregations. Students who make the transition out of seminary into a first call or ministry assignment often go through a process of acculturation to the habits, economy, and traditions of rural and small town places. The Concentration in Town and Country Church Ministry provides specific preparation for intentional and vital ministry in rural areas and small towns, and encourages the integration of theological knowledge into the daily practice of ministry. While focused in rural issues, the Concentration equips students to interpret ministry in a variety of contexts.
Excellent contextual education opportunities are available in rural and small town settings.  Entering students may indicate an interest in a town and country site for their Teaching Parish. There are Internships in a variety of town and country congregations, and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) centers serving rural populations. Concentration students are free to pursue field education placements in other contexts as well, and sometimes are encouraged to do so in order to broaden their training.