Seminary Archives
Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
                See Larson …
Auxiliary. Presentation, May 1979, 1 tape
                “Biography of a House”
Gench, Frances Taylor
                Installation address, April 28, 1994, 1 tape
Hazelius Lectures (began: 1993)
                1993.       1:1         Frederick K. Wentz, Gettysburg Seminary Tradition, Nov. 1, 1 
                              1:2          Mark W. Oldenburg, On Becoming a Pastor, Nov. 22, 1 tape
                              1:3          Duane H. Larson, A Triune Universe, Nov. 29, 1 tape
Jenson convocation, 8 tapes
                “The God of the Gospel and the Law of God,” December 1-2, 1988
                Colin Gunton, “Immanence and Otherness: Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom
                                          in the T
heology of Robert Jenson,” 2 tapes
David Novak, “The Knowledge of the Law of God: How Much of It Requires Revelation?”
                                            1 tape
Evening Eucharist: Carl Braaten, preaching, Robert Jenson, presiding, 1 tape
Gilbert Meilaender, “‘Husbands, Love Your Wives As Christ Loved the
                                                   Chruch’: Counterpoint
and Harmony in Marriage,” 2 tapes
                William Werpehowski, “Ethics, Creation, and the Sovereignty of God,” 1 tape
                Robert W. Jenson, Response, 1 tape
                1978. March 30-April 1, 3 tapes
                     Paul Harms: Pastors’ Preaching Seminar
                          “Creating/Incarnating” 3/30, 1 tape
                          “Watering/Remembering” 3/31, 1 tape
                          “Dying/Living” 4/1, 1 tape
                1980. April 17-19, 13 tapes
                     Charles P. Price, Opening presentation, 4/17, 1 tape
     Eucharist: Charles L. Rice, preaching, 4/17, 1 tape
                     Charles P. Price, General presentation, 4/17, 1 tape
                     Charles L. Rice, Preaching Seminar, 4/18, 2 tapes
                     Walter L. Pelz, “Accompanying Hymns and Liturgy,” 4/18, 1 tape
                     Walter L. Pelz and Carlos R. Messerli, “Making Hymn-singing Exciting,” 1 tape
                     Walter L. Pelz, “Improvisation in the Context of Liturgy,” 4/18, 1 tape
                     Carlos R. Messerli, “Pastors and Musicians.” 4/18, 1 tape
                     Messerli and Pellz, Hymn Sing at Gettysburg College, 4/18, 1 tape
                     Charles P. Price, General Presentation III, 4/19, 1 tape.
                     Eucharist: Charles P. Price, Preaching, 4/19, 2 tapes
Larson, Duan H., See Hazelius Lectures
Larson Stewardship Committee Meeting
                October 5, 1987, 1 tape
                October 3, 1988, 4 tapes
                April 20, 1989, 4 tapes
Lay Retreats
                “Death and Life After Death,” October 8-9, 1976
                     Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Oct. 9, 5 tapes
                “Martin Luther: Then and Now 1483-1983,” April 8-9, 1983
                     Eric W. Gritsch, 4 tapes
                “The Art of Listening,” November 18-19, 1983
                     Richard L. Thulin, 3 tapes
                “Suffering,” Novemer 16-17, 1984
                     Richard D. Nelson
Lay School of Theology
                1978?     James Tipton 4, 1 tape
                1979.      July 29-August 2, 20 tapes
                                     Leaders: Herbert Spomer, Ian Pitt-Watson, Lawrence Folkemer,
                                         Russell Hale, Clarence Lee.
                1980.      August 3-9, 25 tapes
                                     Leaders: Herman G. Stuemfle, Donald R. Heiges, Jacob M. Myers,
                                         Clarence L. Lee, Paul M.
Orso, George F. Harkins,
                                         J. Robert Busche, Dorothy J. Marple, Paul Stefanik,
                                         Robert E. A. Lee
                1981.      August 2-8, 21 tapes
                                     Leaders: Gerhard Krodel, Timothy Lull, Howard J. McCarney, Kenneth
                                          Senft, Herman G.
Stuempfle, Jan C. Walker
                1982.      August 1-7, 5 tapes
                                     Leaders: LeRoy Alden, Brinkley Goranson, Kenneth May, Richard
                                         Nelson, Herman G.
Stuempfle, Howard Olson
                1983.      July 31-August 6, 17 tapes
                                     Leaders: Gerald Christianson, Gert Hartmann, Luther Lindberg,
                                         A. Roger Gobbel, Ansgard
Hartmann, Herman G. Stuempfle
                1984.      July 15-21 and July 29-August 4, 29 tapes
                                     Leaders (July 15-21): Stephen P. Folkemer, J. Russell Hale, Leigh D.
                                         Jordahl, Thomas E.
                                     Leaders (July 29-August 4): Stephen P. Folkemer, J. Russell Hale,
                                          J. Leland Mebust, Thomas 
E. Ridenhour, Robert Koons,
                                          Edward M. Andrews
                1985.      July 28-August 3 and August 4-10, 26 tapes
                                     Leaders: Gerald Christianson, Lyman Lundeen, Lorenz Nieting,
                                         Herbert Stroup, Norma Wood,
Robert Koons, Stephen Folkemer
                1986.      July 27-August 2 and August 3-9, 21 tapes
                                     Leaders: Herman G. Stuempfle, Timothy Lull, Norman Barth, 
                                         Donald Larsen, Dexter Weikel
                N.D.         Edith Menkel, “History of Lay School, Gettysburg Seminary,” 1 tape
                                            (found with Lay School, 1984)
Library, Rededication, October 13, 1983, 2 tapes
Martin Luther Colloquium (includes Festival of the Reformation)
                1976.      October 28, 3 tapes
                                     Participants: Herman G. Stuempfle, Gerhard O. Forde, Avery Dulles,
                                          S. J., Leigh D. Jordahl, Eric
W. Gritsch, Robert W. Jenson
                1979.      October 31, 5 tapes
                                     Participants: Herman G. Stuempfle, Eric W. Gritsch, W. Kent Gilbert,
                                         A. Roger Gobbel, Lorenz
O. Nieting
                1980.      October 31, 11 tapes (includes duplicates)
                                     Participants: Herman G. Stuempfle, George Lindbeck, Carl J. Peter,
                                         Robert W. Jenson, Eric W.
Gritsch, Bengt R. Hoffman
                1981.      October 28, 6 tapes
                                     See library catalog for description
                1982.      October 26, 3 tapes
                                     See library catalog for description
                1983.      November 2, 4 tapes
                                     Lectures, 3 tapes (See library catalog for description)
                                     Reformation Service: Herman G. Stuempfle, A. Roger Gobbel, 1 tape
                1984.      October 31, 5 tapes
                                     Lectures, 4 tapes (See library catalog for description)
                                     Reformation Service – 1 tape (“tape # 2”)
                1985.      October 30, 5 tapes
                                     See library catalog for description

                1986.      October 29, 3 tapes
                                     See library catalog for description
                1987.      October 28, 5 tapes
                                     See library catalog for description