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(Oversized Photograph List)
(Revised 8/7/2001, 12/9/2001)
1893        Dedication of the Watts College (March)
Numbers on photo corresponding to names below in margin: (1) Lord Wenlock, Gov. [Governor] of Madras (2) Mr. Atkinson, Collector (3) Mr. Duncan, Dir. of Pub. Ins. [Director of Public Instruction?] (4) Attendant Officials to the Gov. (5) Jeripotu Samud (sp?) (6) College Writer (7) Venkataneddy Naidu (sp.?) (8) Contractor for College Bldg. (9) Mother & Father, Dr. & Mrs. John Aberly (10) Dr. & Mrs. L.B. Wolf & son, Paul (11) Dr. & Mrs. Geo. Albrecht (12) Dr. Kugler with Anna Wolf (13) Mrs. Aiken, helper with Girl’s School (14) Edith & Eleanor Wolf (15) Amy Aberly Dunkelberger (16) Dr. Uhl (17) Mrs. Kistler (18) Miss Dryden (19) Dr. & Mrs. Schmitt (20) Mr. Francis, Eurasian (21) Ruth, a sister-in-law to Mr. Francis (22) ?
?          Group of Government Officials
1895    First Telegu Lutheran Inter Missions Conference
1894        Bathing Tank (Tiruvanamalay) (back of Telegu Conf.)
1905        First All India Lutheran Missions Conference
1917        75th Anniversary Founding of Guntur Mission (Dr. Uhl in center)
1917    Guests – 75th Anniversary Guntur Mission 
1923        St. Matthew’s (Stork Memorial) Church & Congregation
?          *Group in Calcutta (not sure what of) signature & date damaged
(Back Row) Rev. Gee ?, Dr. Dutla, Rev. P. Wagner, Rev. Aberly, Dr. Mown, Rev. Holland, Rev. Buckhouse, Rev. Young, Rev. Maclean, Dr. Beals (2nd Row) Dr. Graham, Rev. Haskell, Rev. Lucas, Bishop Robinson, Rev. Collier, A.C. Mickerji, Dr. Watt, Bishop Westcott, Dr. Wilson, Rev. Fleming, Rev. Schosser (3rd Row) Dr. Taylor, Rev. Evans, Miss Hunter, Miss Rinman, Rev. Pamfamien (?), Rev. Forman, Y. Masiki (?), Rev. Fergusson, Dr. Ewing, Canon Heywood, Rev. W. B. Anderson, Dr. Laukester, Rev. Roy, Rev. Gulliford, J. G. Mickerji, Rev. Greaves (4th Row) Bishop Whitehead, Miss Robinson, Bishop Azaniah, Bishop J. W. Robinson, A. Bose, Bishop L. Frey, Dr. Mott, Dr. Mackichan, Miss Chirstlieb, Miss Wilson, Dr. Jones, Miss Morris, Dr. Hume, Mr. Farquhar, Rev. Modak (5th Row) Rev. Bittmann, J. Matthai, Rev. H. Anderson, Rev. Badley, Rev. K.T. Paul, Mr. Athavale, Mr. Carter
1923        Sunday School Farewell (Nov. 2)
1923    Higher Elementary Schools Farewell to Mr. & Mrs. Aberly; Mr. & Mrs. Goldeke welcomed at same time
1923?  Pastors, Catechists and School Teachers of our Mission Tenali Taluk. Missionaries’ Farewell (Tenali Taluk: Christians 23,068; Schools 78; Congregations 144; Pastors 8; Other Workers 142)
1923    Farewell to Mr. & Mrs. Aberly on leaving India (the couple with grandson      Harold on howdah)
1923        Theological Training Institution (Guntur) (Feb. 27)
?          Guntur Church
            ?          Interior of Guntur India Church
            ?          Dr. Paru (Indian) and her husband Chris (English)
            ?          *C. E. Society (Christian Education?)
(1st Row) 1. R.D. Hartwig 2. V. Satyanandam 3. V. Joshwa 4. S. Buchanam 5. M. RajaRatnam (2nd Row) 1. N. D. Joseph 2. Rev. C. H. Swavely 3. Mrs. Swavely 4. Rev. H. Goedeke 5. Mrs. Goedeke 6. Mrs. E. S. McCauley 7. Rev. Philip Leisenring (3rd Row) 1. P. Charles B.A. 2. Rev. C.R. Gopal, B.D. 3. C. Elisha, B.A. 4. A.D. Kinsinger 5. G. Lazanis 6. M. John M.A.L.T 7. N. Benny (4th Row) 1. S. Rajarov 2. K. David 3. P. M. Luther, B.A. 4. G. Jacob 5. P. B. Paul 6. P. Mandarow 7. K. C. John M.A.L.
1923        Miss Brewer & Women’s Hospital’s Farewell
?          2nd Anniversary of Anandapet Brotherhood Guntur (Dr. Aberly, Harold Dunkleberger, Mrs. Aberly, Dr. Uhl (?) (Center of photo)
            Dr. Aberly, Harold Dunkleberger, Mrs. Aberly, Dr. Uhl (?) center of photo
?          Prize Distribution. Caste Girls School. (1. A. S. Kugler 2. Miss Dryden    3. Hindu widow- a schoolgirl not quite twelve years old. When 12 years old will have all her jewels taken away 4. Warder)
?          ? back of building; front of same building
?          India Missionary Scenes. (2 ) (Large boards with photos pasted on them) Rev. D. A. Day (Africa 1874); T. Elmira, Christian School Mistress, India; Rev. B. John, Ordained Minister, India; Rev. E. Unaugst, D.D., India 1858; Rev. M. Nathaniel, Ordained Minister, India; P. Lucy, Zenana Worker, India; Rev. L. L. Uhl, India 1873; American Lutheran Mission Church, Guntoor, India; American Lutheran Mission House, Guntoor, Indai; Mission High School, Guntoor, India; Missionary Tent Life in India; Pilgrims going to the Gauges (Ganges?); A Hindu Barber at Work; Zenana Work—Showing Missionary Lady, Hindu Women, etc.; View of Hindu Village; India Famine Scene, 1877-78; Rev. Charles Schnure, India, 1880; Christian School Girl, India; High Caste School Girl, India; Miss Kate M. Boggs, Missionary to India of the W. H. & F. Missionary Society of the Lutheran Church; High Caste Woman, India; Christian School Boy, India; Rev. A. D. Rowe, India, 1874.
            1940s? “Rubbing” from the Nestorian Stone in China (Sent by Malcolm Shutters)