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(Includes 2 prints about John Knox and one of Erasmus of Rotterdam)
Stored in Box 1 (+++) on table in corner of Boxed Manuscripts Room
(List is on top of prints; Order of prints begins at top of box and goes down to bottom)
(November 19, 2001; rev. 4/3, 5/26/2002; revised10/12/2011)
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Top of Box
Folder of Prints of Martin Luther (Folder 1)
            3 prints of Luther (1827?) (Donner und Blitzesschlag)
            Print of Luther (Engraved by C.E. Wagstaff)
            Print of Luther (Eng’d by F. Humphreys)
            Print of Luther
            Print of seal of Doctor Martinvs
2 prints of Martin Luther (lith. of Wagner & McGuigan, 116 Chestnut St.)
(1 published by G.F. Gordon for the Christian)
Print of Martin Luther (Lucas Crannach) (J. Rogers)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther with “Here I Stand …”
Print of Dr. Martin Luther with “Here I Stand …” (G. Burt Sc.)
Print from an original painting presented by Count Ronnof to the Lutheran Chapel in the
                 Savoy (Handwritten note: born at Isleben in Saxony 1488. Died at the same place
                 1548) (Albert Durer pinze) (Thos. Trotter sculpt.) (we have another one of these but the
                 image is reversed—see Folder 2)
Print of Martin Luther (Lith. of P.S. Duval. Philad’a)
Print of M. Luther (NY J&J Harper) (can’t read other words)
Print of Martin Luther (Engraved by R. Varley)
Print of Martin Luther (D. Edwin fc)
Print of D. Martin Luther (gem. v. L. Crannock) (gest. v. F. Girsch)
Folder of Prints of Martin Luther (Folder 2)
Print of Luther from an original painting presented by Count Rennof to the
     Lutheran Chapel in the Savoy
            Print of Martinvs Luthervs
            Print of Luther by C. Koning
            Print of Martin Luther with German paragraph
2 prints of Luther (Published by Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, Poultry, 1811 (Sands sculp.)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther 1542 (Lucas Cranach pinx)
Print of Luther (B. Muller pinrit) (Louis Werner …)
Print of Martin Luther in Jahre 1540 (Heinrich Aldegrever 1502-1558)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther 1533 (Lucas Cranach) (976) (Cosmos Pictures Co., N.Y.)
Print of Martin Luther and Melancthon at the Diet of Augsburg (Johnson, 
                Wilson & Co. Publishers, New York)
Print of Luther painted by L. Kranach backed with copy of diploma from Maryland
                 Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, Baltimore, March 25(?), 1872, for 
                 Henry Frincse (?) signed by D. A. Woodward, professor of drawing.
Luther Listening to Tetzel’s Song – Engraved by John McRae, E. Walker, 114 Fulton St.
Folder of Prints of Martin Luther (Folder 3)
Poster of Martin Luther’s Seal
Small print of Martin Luther on cardboard
1954 photo of Gorze 400th Anniversary medal
Small print of Luther on cardboard by Lucas Cranach Pinxt, Fr. Muller Sculpst
Print of Luther (O. Brausewetter) (2139) (Has seal on front) Photographische
                 Gesellschaft, Berlin SW
Print by E. Delperee
1967 Calendar (2 copies – 1 cut apart) – 450th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation
          from Lutheran Brotherhood
Print of Martin Luther by Rutherford Boyd – Memento on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of
          the United Lutheran Church in America by the United Lutheran Publication House
Facsimiles of Autographs of Calvin, Zwingli, Melancthon, & Luther
1916 Calendar – Luther Scenes
Martin Luther Sketchbook from Lutheran Mutual Life Insurance Company
Print of Etching of Erasmus of Rotterdam by Durer (from Metropolitan Museum of Art 1919)
Official print of Luther’s Writing
Print on parchment paper of music (hamburger Volfslutherfeier) and Documente 
       aus der Reformationszeit by Johannes Tietzel
Original pencil drawing -- Konrad Trinkaus and “Lutherhaus,” Grunberg, Hessen
Print of Doctor Martin Luther (artistic rendition done with German words presented by
       Mrs. L. R. Meyer, Chicago, Ill. 8/15/1947)
Printed poster of schedule for 10/30/1972 for the Martin Luther Colloquium 
       for the Institute of Luther Studies
Package of prints containing:
            1 poster of Martin Luther 400th Anniversary of the Reformation 1917
            1 print of Luther
            1 print of Martin Luther (Eng’d by Wm. D. Smith)
            1 print of Martinus Lutherus D. (J.S. Negges sc. Et exc. A.V.
4 different prints of Dr. Martin Luther (Lith Anstv Ed Gust May in
                 Frankfurt aM) (Luther’s Leben)
            1 print of Dr. Martin Luther (Lucas Cranach Pinxt)(Fr. Muller Sculpst)
            1 print of Dr. Martin Luther (L. Kuppenheim, hth) (Imp. Lemercier, Paris)
            1 print of Luther (Pub: by J. Baillie 87st near 3d Avenue NY) (270) (Olben ninxt)
12 Reformation Prints (numbered) (nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 have 1 extra copy; nos. 3, 7, 10 
 have 2 extra copies) (These large photogravure scenes were purchased by 
 Benjamin Kurtz and sold by the students in an effort to raise funds for the Seminary. 
 Were nearly 175 years old in 2001.)
Calendar from Aid Association for Lutherans, Appleton, Wisconsin, December 1979 to January 1981. Each calendar month bears a quote from the Augsburg Confession and reproductions of 16th Century woodcuts complement the quotations. (1 calendar + 1 set of quotes and woodcuts with calendar part cut off) Print of letter from John Knox, Edenburgh, August 1561, to Sir Nicholas Throgmorton, English ambassador to Paris, thanking him for his support. (1 print + 1 letter of explanation and translation)
Print of Martin Luther by Don Kueker from Concordia Publishing House received April 20, 1971. (1 print + letter)
Print of Reformation Window found in the Martin Luther Library in the Lutheran Brotherhood Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota rendered in stained glass by Conrad Pickel. (1 print)
Print of poster with music and facsimile of Luther handwriting “Zur Luther Feier” “Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott” (Uus der Reprodustion des Luther-Coder von Otto Kade, Dresden, 1863) (copyright 1883, by H. Cherouny for 1483 to 1883 celebration) (1 print)
Print of Luther Arriving at the Wartburg (C. C. Hellquist, Paris 1883 in left bottom corner) (Knesing X A in bottom right corner) (Print of Louis Lange Publ. Co.) (supplement to Vol. 4, No. 19 of Illustrated Home Journal) (1 print)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther (1535 NAUH . LUKAE . CRANAEH D.A.??) ( print)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther, “Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott.” (Verlag v. W. Zawitz in Berlin in bottom center, Aez. u. hth. v. Nordmann in left bottom corner, Druck v. J. Hesse in Berlin in right bottom corner) (facsimile of signature on bottom) (1 print)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther, Hero of Protestantism (initials F.F. in left bottom corner of engraving, Photo Eng. Co. N.Y. in right corner) (5 prints in all includes 1 print that has chewed edges and 1 smaller print)
Print of Dr. Martin Luther done by Kurz & Allison – Art Studio, Chicago. (1 print on board – damaged, 1 print on paper) (USE 2 HANDS WHEN HANDLING!!)
Print of engraving by John Sartain of the original by George Cattermole of “The First Reformers Presenting Their Famous Protest, at the Diet of Spires, April 19th, 1529. Published by Sartain & Doty, 28 Sansom St., Philadelphia. (1 print)
Print of poster of Luther done by Luhnsdorff Karoly, l931, Budapest (with note from Concordia) (1 print)
A Lutheran Manifesto poster (1 poster)
Quadricentary poster of Diet of Worms (1921) (1 poster)
Quadricentennial of the Reformation Posters (1917) (round framework) (advertising other Reformation events) (1 longer than others, 7 posters, 1 other partial poster that has been cut)
Quadricentennial of the Reformation Posters (1917) (The Joint Lutheran Committee, 925 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. )(rectangular framework) (6 posters, 1 paper copy, 1 cut poster, 1 damaged poster)
Bottom of Box
*****Two other prints were too large for this box and will be stored in larger boxes with other large documents
Box 3 +++
  1. Martin Luther Brulant les Bulles du Pape (Martin Luther Burning the Pope’s Bulls) (Lithographie par Thielley) (Peint par l’ Martersteig) (Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1854 by M. Knoedler in the clerk’s Office of the district Court of the United States for the Southern district of New York) (damaged) 
Box 5 ++++
  1. Four Hundred Years of New Life from Lutheran Brotherhood for 450th Anniversary of the Reformation (l967)