Student Association

Student Association Officers:

President: Joseph Graumann

Vice-President: Ellen Lundie

Treasurer: Patrick Ballard

Secretary: Sean Titus

Senior Class

President: Chad Fair

Secretary: Barbara Krumm

Social Outreach: Lauren Muratore

Communications: Rick Egtvedt

Wellness: Nicole Welke

Middler Class

President: Adam Buff

Secretary: Erin Burns

Social Outreach: Lamar Bailey

Communications: Barbara Oshlo

Wellness: Zach Baer

Junior Class

President: Mike Lengel

Secretary: Kelsey Fitting

Social Outreach: Nikki Miller

Communications: Jim Muratore

Wellness: Allison Johnson

Upcoming Meetings:
The next meeting of the SA Council will be held on the first Monday of April, at 10:15am in Valentine 308.

Approved Minutes from SA Council:
February 2014 Minutes
November 2013 Minutes
October 2013 Minutes
September 2013 Minutes

Note:  Minutes from each meeting are published after being approved at the next meeting of SA Council.  Approved Minutes can be found both here, as well as on the SA bulletin board in Valentine Hall.

Upcoming Business:
Athletic Color Resolution (PDF)

Other Resources:
Treasurer Forms

Event Calendar