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More than 300 people gathered at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg on historic Seminary Ridge for rally and photo. Abraham Lincoln delivered an updated version of his Gettysburg Address to urge a turnaround in climate stewardship.

Sustainability at Gettysburg Seminary


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Composting in residential area -- Composting List of Do's and Don'ts

Environmental Pledge

The Gettysburg Seminary Green Task Force invites you to take five minutes to fill out this "Environmental Pledge" to identify green practices you have already adopted and to identify further steps you are willing to embrace in the environmental journey.

Food -- Eat Local (click here)

Recommended Resources: Lutherans Restoring Creation

ELCA Environment and Energy web page

Recycle… IT’S THE LAW

All residents in the Borough of Gettysburg are required to recycle. We on the Green Task Force would like to help the Seminary and wider community Gett Greener. Here is a current list of what can be recycled and where those bins can be found. Please help us to lessen our trash and increase our recycling.

All Blue Bins

items should be recycled in all BLUE BINS on campus:

Glass Containers 

Food and beverage containers (bottles and jars) made of clear, 

green, brown and amber glass. (Does not include window glass, 
drinking glass, blue colored glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, ceramics, 
porcelain, pottery, mirrors, etc.).

Metal Cans 

All beverage and food cans made of aluminum, steel, tin or bi-metal 

(aluminum & steel). Does not include other aluminum and metal 
products such as foil, pie plates, hangers, etc.

Plastic Containers

Food and beverage containers made of PET plastic (polyethylene teraphthalate) or HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene). Includes plastic soda bottles, milk jugs, water bottles, detergent bottles, and  food containers. Check the bottom for a number 1-7 in the triangular recycling symbol. 

(Does not include plastic tubs such as yogurt and butter containers, toys, plastic packaging, etc.)


Clean newspaper. 

High grade office paper 
Corrugated paper 
Coated paper, i.e. magazines and catalogs

Recycling Locations Around Campus

Behind Stempfle
In front of Aberly
North end of campus (soon)
Library (soon)
All classrooms in Valentine (soon)
Behind the refectory (cardboard only)
In the coffee shop, mailroom, third floor hallway, computer labs and outside of library (office paper and soda cans and bottles only)

Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling 

Used ink jet cartridges may be placed in the boxes located outside the mail room and in the Book Store for recylcing. This is only for ink jet cartridges. Not laser cartridges, batteries or cell phones.