The Seminary's scholarly journal began publication in 1921 as the Gettysburg Seminary Bulletin. In 1998 the name was changed to Seminary Ridge Review. In the fall of 2009 it was relaunched to include the rubrics "Gettysburg Seminary Fine Arts" and "Poetry + Theology." The journal continues to publish theological articles, book reviews and texts from lectures and sermons.

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Seminary Ridge Review is published twice yearly. Single print issues are available for $9.00. Recent issues may also be viewed in the PDF archive below. Seminary Ridge Review has received DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards for Excellence from the Religion Communicators Council (RCC).

Editor >  The Rev. Dr. Brooks Schramm
Book Review Editor >  The Rev. Dr. Maria Erling
Managing Editor The Rev. John Spangler
Poetry + Theology Editor >  Katy Giebenhain

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Spring 2017

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Articles: Ronald K. Rittgers, Austra Reinis, Maria Erling, Brooks Schramm, Kristin Johnston Largen, Leonard M. Hummel and Ariel Williams. Reviews on books by Walter Brueggemann and by Jon Diefenthaler. Poetry: Amy Gottlied, David Bowles, Brent House, Ed Granger, Christopher Kempf, Heidi Lynn Nilsson, Hiram Larew and Joseph Ross and recommendations for books by Yehoshua November and an anthology edited by Mark S. Burrows. Fine Arts: John Spangler.

Autumn 2016

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Articles: Stephen R. Herr, Warren M. Eshbach, Joseph W. Shane, Aaron T. Smith, Frederick Ware, Karoliina Nikula, Dave Larrabee, Baird Tipson. Reviews on books by Robert P. Jones and by Lewis R. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian. Poetry: Christine Lincoln, Yehoshua November, Gary Fincke, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, Judith Kerman, Pamela Cooper-White, Ray Gonzalez and Philip Kolin and recommendations for books by Marjorie Maddox and Mohja Kahf. Fine Arts on Sally Stewart's 9/11 piece by John Spangler.

Spring 2016

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Articles: Karin Johannesson, Jennifer Hockenbery Dragseth, Nelson Rivera, Ann Pederson, Kristin Johnston Largen, Lamar Bailey. Review on a new book by Elizabeth Varon. Poetry: G.C. Waldrep, Barbara Crooker, Meg Bateman, William Kelley Woolfitt, Michael Lewis-Beck, Elizabeth Bradfield, Peter McEllhenney, Brian Johnstone, Kate Sanchez and recommendations for books by Bill Holm, Amit Majmudar and Sarah Wetzel. Fine Arts by John Spangler.


Autumn 2015

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Articles: Jeffrey K. Mann, David von Schlichten, Charles J. Lopez, Jr., Charles W. Peterson, Martin Otto Zimmann, Michael Allwein and Mark Oldenburg. Reviews on books by Michael L. Long and by Roger E. Olson & Christian T. Collins Winn. Poetry: David Axelrod, Mark Burrows, Pamela Wynn, Thomas Alan Holmes, Maryanne Hannan, Lynette Reini-Grandell, Jim Wayne Miller, Kate Peper and Eric Stenman. Recommendations for collections by Faith Shearin, Frank X. Walker and J.T. Ledbetter. Fine Arts: John Spangler.

Spring 2015

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Articles: Elina Vuola, Eero Huovinen, Susan K. Wood, Christine Helmer. Review on a new book by Michael C. C. Adams. Poetry: Suzanne Cleary, Robert Randolph, Marjorie Maddox, Yehoshua November, Will Lane, Aaron Smith, Bonnie Naradzay, D.S. Martin and Jay Rogoff. Recommendations for books by Kent Gramm, Elizabeth Spires and Jay Rogoff. Fine Arts: John Spangler.

Autumn 2014

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SRR Autumn 2014 Cover
Articles: Scott Hancock, Cheryl M. Peterson, McKinley E. Melton, Nelson T. Strobert, Jason Gehrke. Reviews on books by Paul H. Santmire, Mitri Raheb and Nadia Bolz-Weber. Poems: Kelly Cherry, Larry Pike, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Rafey Habib, Brian Johnstone, William Hathaway, Gerry LaFemina, Liz Dolan. Recommendations for books by Mary Ann B. Miller, Marjorie Stelmach and Eliza Griswold. Fine Arts: John Spangler


Spring 2014

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SRR Spring 2014 cover

Articles: Anna Madsen, Volker Leppin, Brooks Schramm, Mickey L. Mattox and Kirsi Stjerna. Reviews on books by Richard Louv and Brad S. Gregory. Poems: Frank Dullaghan, Robin Behn, Yehuda Amichai, Gary Ciocco, Peter Makuck, Sarah Grigg and Micheal O'Siadhail. Recommendations are for books by Rafael Campo, Barbara Crooker, SAID, Philip Kolin and Ron Koertge. Fine Arts: Donald Wilcox.


Autumn 2013

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SRR Fall 2013 cover 

Articles: Brooks Schramm, Allen Guelzo, Maria Erling, Guy Carter, John Spangler, Kirsi Stjerna, faculty minute for Nelson Strobert. Book Reviews on titles by Garry Will, John W. Hessler and Jesse Zink. Poems: Gary Fincke, Laurie Ann Guerrero, Kevin Hadduck, Jane Blanchard, Joshua Warfield, Jorge Aigla, Darnell Arnoult and Koh Xin Tian. Recommendations are for books by Marjorie Maddox, Lorrie Goldensohn and Mary Szybist. Fine Arts: Gerald Christianson.


Spring 2013

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SRR Spring 2013 cover 

Articles: Christopher Boyd Brown, John Witte, Jr., Kristin Johnston Largen, Surekha Nelavala, Barbara Franco and Kathleen Reed. Book Reviews are on titles by Eric Gritsch, Steven Pinker and Timothy Wengert. Poems: Michael Chitwood, Laura Shovan, Pamela Wynn, Joseph Bathanti, SAID, Menka Shivdasani and Patrick Cabello Hansel and with recommendations for books by Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Mark Burrows), Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, David Breeden and Steven Schroeder. Fine Arts: John Spangler.


Autumn 2012

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SRR fall 2012 cover

Articles: David Rhoads, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Fletcher Harper, Marty Stevens and Guy C. Carter. Book Reviews are on titles by John Reumann, Andrew Taylor-Troutman and James C. Burkee. Poems: Utz Rachowski, Michael Ritterson (translator), G.C. Waldrep, Nina Forsythe, Robert Cording, Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Steven Schroeder, Abby Arthur Johnson, Ray Givans, Philip Kolin and Jeff Gundy; fracking cartoons by Nin Andrews and recommendations for books by Brian Turner and Imtiaz Dharker. Fine Arts: John Spangler.


Spring 2012

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SRR Spring 2012 cover 

Articles: Claudia Bergmann, Günther Gassmann, Dirk Lange, Scott Moore, Michael Cooper-White and Nelson Strobert. Reviews on books by Paul Hoffman, Albert Anderson, Gracia Grindal and John Matthews. Poems: Eric Stenman, Gillian Clarke, Philip Gross, Marjorie Maddox, Martin Malone, Gerry LaFemina, Huw Jones, Todd Davis, Mary O'Connor, David Frye, Tim Sherry and Neill Morgan. Book recommendations are for poetry books by Stanley Moss, Lynn Powell and Tony Whedon. Fine Arts: John Spangler. For the full interview text with artist Linda Witte Henke click here.


Autumn 2011

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SRR Fall 2011

Articles by Surekha Nelavala, Christopher Hedges, Marty Stevens, Nelson Strobert, Johanna Johnson, Leonard Hummel and Jim Minick. Book Reviews are on books by Brigitte Kahl, Bruce Longenecker, K. L. Knoll and Brooks Schramm (eds.), and directors Hal and Kevin Dragseth. The Poetry + Theology rubric features Better Living through Beowulf 's Robin Bates, poems by Gary Fincke, Anne Higgins, Thomas Alan Holmes, Alistair Noon, Margaret Atwood, Rachel Barenblat, Paul David Steinke and Kathleen Rogers, and recommendations for books by Barbara Leff, Rachel Barenblat and Mohja Kahf. Fine Arts: Nicolé Raddu Ferry and Em Cole.


Spring 2011

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SRR Spring 2011 cover 

Celebrating 40-years of the Luther Colloquy, we also lift up the ordination of alumna Rev. Elizabeth Platz. The issue includes articles by Dennis Janz, Hans Hillerbrand, Gerald Christianson, Michael Cooper-White, Mary Jane Haemig, Eric Gritsch, Mary Fast, Diana York Luscombe, Gilson Waldkoenig and Robin Steinke. Reviewed books are by Jack Lundbom, Frederick Gaiser and David Kelsey. Book reviews are on works by Jack R. Lundbom, Frederick J. Gaiser and David H. Kelsey. The Poetry + Theology rubric features an essay by Ted Kooser, interviews with Paul Steinke, Deirdre Neilen and Barbara Crooker and poems by George Ella Lyon, Raza Ali Hasan, John Graber, Steven Schroeder, Patricia Kirkpatrick, Will Lane, Maureen Jivani and Mary Anne Morefield. Fine Arts: John Spangler.


Autumn 2010

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SRR Fall 2010 cover

Articles by Bernadette Brooten, Eric Crump, Janet Morgan Riggs, Zeyneb (Salim) Sayilgan, Mark Swanson and Tomi Karttunen. Book Reviews on works by Don Schweitzer, Rebecca Skloot, Walter Wangerin, Mark Allan Powell and Paul Hanson. Poems by Ron Koertge, Lisa Parker, Clare Potter, Philip Kolin, Linda Parsons Marion, Tony Curtis and Marianne Worthington. Fine Arts: John Spangler.


Spring 2010

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SRR Spring 2010 

Articles by Barbara Pitkin, Susan K. Hedahl, Timo Tavast and Norma S. Wood. Book Reviews on works by Helmut Koester, Lawrence D. Folkemer, Andrew Root, William J. Wright, and Susan Colestock Hill. Poems by Joyce Sutphen, Vickie Cimprich, Todd Davis, Rosie Shepherd and Travis Du Priest. Fine Arts: Megan L. Weikel.


Autumn 2009

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SRR Fall 2009 cover 

Articles by Maria Erling, Jack R. Lundbom, Robin J. Steinke, Lawrence D. Folkemer and Guy C. Carter. Book Review on Robert Wuthnow's After the Baby Boomers: How Twenty and Thirty Somethings are Shaping the Future of American Religion. Poems by Gary Ciocco, Kent Gramm and Kathleen O'Keefe Reed. Fine Arts: John Spangler.