Certificate in Leadership of Faith-based Organizations (non-degree study)

A program of the Intersections Institute, Gettysburg Seminary’s Certificate in Leadership of Faith-based Organizations (CLFO) assists individuals working at the intersections of faith and service.  It is designed to enhance management skills, deepen theological understandings, and strengthen abilities of faith-inspired leaders to serve all of God’s people.

The CLFO is earned by successfully completing 9 courses over a two-year period. Four of these must be selected from among five core course offerings. Depending on a student’s interest and previous education and employment histories, fiveelective courses may be split between course offerings in the program’s theological and management modules or taken exclusively from only one module with approval of the program director. 
Is This Certificate Right For You?
Those who would benefit most from this program include employees of faith-based social ministry organizations who are identified as up and coming leaders, pastors and other rostered leaders of large congregations, board members and volunteers of social ministry organizations, and anyone similarly interested in coupling a faith commitment with a widening involvement in social action.
Classes Offered
Core courses in the CLFO include “History of faith-based social ministry in America”, “Ethics for Organizational Leadership”, “Theological Rationale for social ministry”, “Public Policy and Public Theology”, and “Current trends in American social ministry”. Elective courses are available in two tracks: management and theology. Management courses are offered in disciplines such as Non-profit Accounting, Legal Issues, Development, Marketing and Communications. Many of the theology courses are offered in conjunction with those in the Certificate in Theological Studies program. These include courses on Biblical Studies, Theological Ethics, Lutheran Confessions, Pastoral Care and Systematic Theology.
More Information
For details and an up-to-date schedule of courses, contact Dr. Michelle Holley Carlson at director@intersectionsinstitute.org, call 717-334-2408, or visit the website: www.intersectionsinstitute.org
Costs for the Certificate in Leadership of Faith-based Organizations
Courses in the CLFO are $600 each for a total of $5,400 for all nine courses. Additional costs for room, board, and miscellaneous fees might apply.