At the heart of Gettysburg Seminary is unparalleled pedagogy in a state of the art learning environment.

Academic Offerings

Gettysburg Seminary offers a rich array of academic opportunities in both degree and non degree learning modes. This Seminary reaches deep into the Lutheran Christian tradition and out into the world to fulfill its teaching mission, forming leaders from its students of theology. 

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Course options for a new understanding of Learning community:

Students are called to plenty of other ventures in addition to preparation for public ministry: families, jobs, other ministries, you name it. Gettysburg Seminary continually expands the number and nature of courses we offer, including access to hybrid, intensive and online courses. Learn alongside those next door and those across the country! We are open to new possibilities to help prepare you to be the best possible leader for the church today. Explore a new understanding of community.

Hybrid courses: a combination of face-to-face time with professors and online learning

Intensive courses: a 1 ½ or 3 credit course offered in a shortened time-span, i.e. a weeklong J-term course.

Online courses: learning that happens solely through an online format with the professor and other online class participants  

Hybrid Course Example    


INVITATION: Environment & Religion in Northern Appalachia from Gil Waldkoenig on Vimeo.

Invitation: Take a free, Massive Open Online Course from our faculty member, Mark Vitalis Hoffman,
Read more about it here  Its a Survey of the Land of the Bible.










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