April 24 - 27, 2017

Re-formation is Local

The year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation calls for a new examination of the church’s mission and task in the world. This Spring academy brings the question home to each believer and congregation. What is our mission and task in this world, right here?  Our “Re-formation” is in our own hands; we have what we need right here and now to follow God’s call to us in this place. 

re-formation is local graphicOur presenters will anchor us in the biblical vision of what we can rely on and hope for in God’s great mercy, and they will also call us to look around to see and feel what needs to be done in our own neighborhoods and towns. In afternoon workshop sessions we will find partners in the work of welcoming neighbors who are refugees, migrants, and workers, many of them children living without the security and sanctuary of home. Our churches can be Re-formed to meet the challenges of Kairos moment, and like the Reformation in Germany, may it catch hold as an adaptive and evangelical tide of hope for the people. To further introduce ourselves to our neighbors in need, Friday’s event will include a tour of the detention facility in York, PA, for undocumented migrant women and their children, and introduce us to partners working to assist these families.

The Spring academy is practical, too. Thursday will focus on preaching for the Pentecost season, and the croquet tournament will test the mallet skills of a new round of players. As the seminary is being Re-formed to more efficiently provide theological education for our region, special opportunities to learn about the nuts and bolts of United Lutheran Seminary will also be provided.

Finally, alums will gather around the table, guests will be fed, and prayers of thanksgiving will be offered for the legacy of Gettysburg Seminary at our worship on Wednesday evening.


 Thursday offers Preaching Perspectives by day and Croquet Tournament in the afternoon.

Questions?  Email: Academy@Ltsg.edu  Call: 717-338-3000 x. 2198

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2017 Presenters













Monday, April 24

Lutheran Advocacy Ministry for Pennsylvania 

Tuesday, April 25

Lutheran Historical Society/Mid-Atlantic = morning program
8:30 AM
9:00 AM   Opening Worship
9:15 AM   Welcome and Announcements
9:30 AM 
10:40 AM 
11:30 AM   Lunch
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM  
3:45 PM  
4:00 PM  


6:00 PM   Alumni Banquet in the Refectory
7:45 PM   Alumni Awards in the Church of the Abiding Presence
8:45 PM   A Reception for 25th, 50th, and all Pioneer classes (51st and above) follows in Lewars House, home of President Michael Cooper-White.

Wednesday, April 26

8:30 AM   Registration
9:00 AM  
10:30 AM  
11:30 AM   Lunch (Refectory)
11:45 AM   Alumni Reunion Luncheon (Dobbin House)
1:30 PM  

2:30 PM     Workshops #1


3:20 PM     Workshops #2


4:00 PM   Worship
6:00 PM   Table Talks at

Thursday, April 27

Preaching Perspectives: Preaching & Science in a Time of Creation-Crisis
9:30 AM 
11:55 AM   Chapel
12:15 PM   Lunch
1:15 PM  

4:00 PM   Croquet Tournament