April 18 - 24, 2016

Science and Christian Life: Conflict, Cooperation, Integration



 Spring Academy Week—April 18-24, 2016


Gettysburg Seminary expanded its traditional Spring Convocation into a weeklong feast of lectures, presentations and workshops, with worship, culturally and spiritually enriching activities for students, lay learners, alumni/ae, prospective seminarians and more. Take advantage of this opportunity to be in conversation with scholars, seekers, lifelong learners and seminarians for audit, course credit, and/or personal enrichment. Questions may be directed to tel. 717-338-3000 ext 2198 or Academy@LTSG.EDU


Monday, April 18 Spring Academy has been scheduled to connect with “Day at the Capitol” of Lutheran Advocacy Ministries in PA. For details, and to register, visit LAMPa



Email: Academy@Ltsg.edu

Telephone: 1-800-MLUTHER  x. 2198
or 717-338-3000  x. 2198

Schedule in more detail

Monday, April 18

Luther Advocacy Ministry for Pennsylvania

“Science, Faith and Action”

Join LAMPa for a day of worship, learning and inspiration to ground and deepen your call to faith-based advocacy.  The day will highlight the use of the faith informed by the sciences to advocate for creation justice, trauma-informed care for victims of abuse, poverty or violence and addressing addictions and mental health in church and society. Lutheran Day is held at Trinity Lutheran Church, Camp Hill, Pa. Registration opens in early 2016.


Tuesday, April 19

Lutheran Historical Society/Mid-Atlantic

8:30 AM      Registration

9:00 AM      Opening Worship

9:15 AM      Welcome and Announcements

9:30 AM      Address by Stephen Herr on Milton Valentine’s attitude toward science and religion

10:25 AM    Break

10:40 AM    Address by James Burkee on the role of science (particularly evolution and cosmology) on the LCMS in the 20th century

11:30  Lunch

2:00-2:45 “Science for Gettysburg Seminary: Progress Reports/Proposals for the Future” Presentations by Leonard Hummel and Mark Oldenburg

3:00-5:00 Workshops on “Science at Gettysburg Seminary”

The Alumni Banquet

6:00 p.m. in the Refectory

7:35 p.m.: Please move to the Chapel for presentation of the Alumni Awards celebrating leadership and distinguished ministry and service by alumni

The Alumni Awards

7:45 p.m. in the Church of the Abiding Presence

8:45 pm A Reception for 25th, 50th, and all Pioneer classes (51st and above) follows in the Lewars House, home of President Michael Cooper-White.


Wednesday, April 20

8:30 Registration

9:00: Lea F. Schweitz, Ph.D. “God the Creator and the City: A Theology of Urban Nature:”

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, LSTC/Religion and Science Director of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science

10:30-11:30   Frederick L. Ware, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theology, Howard University Divinity School, “Oh So Human, Yet So Divinely Complex: Scientific/Theological Explorations of Human Identity, Community, and Purpose” 

From the perspective of a faculty member at a historically black theological school focused on social justice, Dr. Ware will address this the “big” science-related question: What does it mean to be human? In doing so, he also will cover related issues of how we perceive ourselves, our relations to one another, and the value that we assign to human life. Dr. Ware’s address is a fruit of Howard Divinity School’s “Science for Seminaries” Project that explores and then underscores the answers to such inquiry by theological educators, clergy, scientists, and concerned activists that would make for justice, peace, and flourishing.

11:30-1:30 Lunch

11:45 am Reunion luncheon at the Dobbin House

                        *limited shuttle bus transportation available

1:30-2:30 Panel with Fred Ware, Lea Schweitz, Mark Oldenburg, Leonard Hummel and Ann Pederson. Questions solicited ahead of time

2:30-3:30 Dr. Warren Eshbach, D. Min., Professor of Church and Society, Emeritus, “God, Evolution, Intelligent Design and Dover, PA: A Retrospective”

3:30: Worship



Thursday, April 21

PREACHING PERSPECTIVES: Preaching & Science in a Time of Creation-Crisis

The Rev. Dr. Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig, Professor of Church in Society in the B.B. Mauer Chair in Town and Country Ministry

The Rev. Leah Schade, Ph. D., Pastor, United in Christ Lutheran Church, Lewisburg, PA; 


Friday, April 22


Saturday, April 23

Theological Education for Youth Institute, “Science and the Christian Life”

8:30       Registration

9:45       Welcome and Worship

10          Plenary with break (could also be presentation and breakouts

12          Lunch

12:45    Experiential Learning

2:00       Break

2:45       Plenary
4:30       Closing Worship
5:00       On the Road.