Alumni Council

Alumni/ae Council

Alumni Council Roster, 2016-2017

The Alumni Association promotes closer relationships of graduates with each other and with the Seminary.  Representatives of the Alumni Council welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Mr. Richard Bates, '81
The Rev. Katherine Brantner, '08                     
The Rev. Cinda Brucker '04
The Rev. Beth Costlow, '03
The Rev. Brian Evans, '07
The Rev. Dr. Warren Eshbach, '67
The Rev. Renata Eustis, '00
The Rev. Jason Felici, '12
The Rev. Susan K. Folks '94
The Rev. Donald Green, '74
The Rev. Carolyn Hetrick, '11
The Rev. Roland Hobbs, '65
The Rev. Kelly Baxter Ketcham, '09
The Rev. Annabell Markey, '13
Ms. Barbara Schmitthenner, '03               
The Rev. Jimmie Schwartz, '80
The Rev. Julia Sprenkle '02
The Rev. Paul Xander, '72