Alumni/ae Awards

The Distinguished Alumni/ae Awards of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg's Alumni Association


A listing of previous winners is below.

We invite alumni/ae from the Seminary to nominate peers for distinguished ministry in one of the apprpriate catagories. A nomination form is available for you.

The awards are presented annually at the Spring Alumni Dinner. They seek to honor all living Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary graduates, lay and ordained, who have exhibited faithfulness in the ministry of the church and by that faithfulness bring honor to all graduates of the seminary.

The Alumni Awards are given for perseverance, effectiveness, and faithfulness in a ministry of devotion and dedication for:
  • service in parish ministries
  • service in specialized ministry settings
  • celebrated ministries of lifetime service
Awards for parish ministries and for ministry in specialized settings seek to recognize those who serve our Lord inconspicuously and normally would not be heralded with accolade or recognition. Criteria for service in parish ministries and specialized ministry settings are:
  • dedication to their vocation/faithfulness and effectiveness in ministry
  • special unheralded services
  • focus and stability in each position/years of service
  • church and community service
  • continued association with Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary
Criteria for celebrated ministries of lifetime service are:
  • dedication to their vocation/faithfulness and effectiveness in ministry
  • focus and stability in each position/years of service
  • church and community service
  • continued association with Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary

The Alumni Council will accept nominations for Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary Alumni Awards until August 31. Please use the nomination form to make your nominations indicating for which award you are making the nomination and how the nominee fills the criteria. Nominations will be considered for two years - the year of their nomination and the following year. Nominations may be resubmitted, if desired. An award for every category may not be given each year. Current members of the Alumni Council and/or Board of Directors are not considered.

History of the Distinguished Alumni Awards

Single Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards

1989 Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1946
1990 Richard L. Tome, 1951
1991 Beryl B. Maurer, 1949
1992 Kenneth C. Senft, 1952
1993 Viggo Swenson, 1934
1994 Robert W. Koons, 1946
1995 Elizabeth Platz, 1965
1996 Stewart Winfield Herman, 1934

alum awards





Beginning in 1997, the awards were divided into three  categories: Service in parish settings, specialized ministries and lifetime service. 

Service in Parish Settings   

Service in Specialized Ministry

Celebrated Ministry of Lifetime Service

1997   L. Stanley Whitson, 1948

Alton M. Motter, 1933

Frederick K. Wentz, 1945

1998  Arthur W. Lawver, 1934

Richard H. Drummond, 1944

Donald D. Anderson, 1952

1999  Elwood “Woody”Moreland, '45

Eugene R. McVicker, 1953

Howard J. McCarney, 1945

2000  George C. Weirick, 1949


Lawrence D. Folkemer, 1940

2001 Henry K. Brown, '56

Carl H. Greenawald, 1953

Harry V. Krug, 1934

2002 Eli Raymond Shaheen, '40

Darlis J. Swan, 1980

Cedric W. Tilberg, 1943

2003 Robert D. Hyson, 1963

W. Kent Gilbert III, 1944

Otto Reimherr, 1943

2004 Vernon J. Miller, 1953

H. Frederick Reisz, Jr., 1965

Rudolph R. Featherstone, 1960

2005 Richard E. Geib, 1958

David Rhoads, 1966

LaVern D. Rasmussen, 1960

2006 John Yost Jr., 1953

Sally L. Kerr, 1972

Theodore Lindquist Jr., 1953

2007 Elwood H. Leister, 1953

Walter Kloetzli, 1950

Arthur L. Ruths, 1947

2008 William E. Carlson, 1949

Samuel W. Schmitthenner, 1951

Harold A. Dunkelberger, 1939

2009 Theodore C. Schlack, 1953


Gordon E. Folkemer, 1944

2010 Theodore F. Schneider, 1959

Mark N., 1981 and
Rosanne A. Swanson, 1984

Kirk W. Bish, 1967

2011 Judith A. Cobb, 1974

Judith E. Simonson, 1980

A. Donald Main, 1969

2012 Benjamin Larzelere III, 1972

William Otis Avery, 1967

John L. Strube, 1951

2013 J. Stewart Hardy, 1983

Donald H. Moeser, 1962

Egil Grislis, 1953

2014 David L. Roper, 1975

Gregory R. Pile, 1975

B. John Hagedorn, 1965

2015 James G. Cobb, 1973

Wilma Samuella Kucherak, 1982

Glenn G. Neubauer, 1945

2016 Nicholas J. Zook, 1981

Herbert L. Bomberger, 1962

John R. Cochran, 1963