Alumni/ae Quick Facts

Fascinating (and fun) facts about Gettysburg Seminary grads.

Quick Facts for and about Alums

  • Number of Graduates from the Seminary is more than 5,500 

  • The class of 2016 had 33 graduates 

  • We have alums in 50 states including District of Columbia, and 10 countries.

  • In fiscal year 2015-2016 433 were donors out of 2054 known living alums

  •  Total Alumni Donations total for fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 was $362,445

Some notable alums are Daniel Alexander Payne, the first African-American to receive theological education at a Lutheran seminary (1837) encouraged by Samuel Simon Schmucker.  Payne became the first African-American to receive a theological education at a Lutheran seminary, and was ordained by Lutherans under the auspices of the Frankian Synod. Daniel Payne went on to served in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and was named bishop and still later, the founder and president of Wilberforce University in Antioch, Ohio. 

The first woman ordained as a Lutheran pastor in America(1970), Elizabeth Platz Smith, was educated at Gettysburg Seminary.

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Travel Seminars 
Students have many opportunities for international travel and study through travel seminars around the world.  Space permitting alums are welcome and encouraged to join these journeys.