Tuesday, July 11, 2017 • Vol. XL, Issue 166


Name that Publication!

United Lutheran Seminary will publish a print and digital newsletter/magazine this year, but it needs a name. Can you suggest a word, phrase, title that will fit the mission of this interpretive tool? Please share your inspiration at info@ULS.edu today. 

The Director of Financial Aid is here 

Kim Clark, the new United Lutheran Seminary Director of Financial Aid, is ready to answer your questions regarding FAFSA, ULS Financial Aid Application or the Direct Loan process. Please feel free to reach out to Kim Clark at (215) 248-6301 or kclark@ULS.edu. 

IT reminder

During this transistion time to United Lutheran Seminary it is VERY important that everyone read their emails from the IT department carefully and follow directions if asked to do so. 

ULS Chapel and Worship

At Philadelphia our Senior Sacristan will be Lauren Heywood and our Sacristan will be Ralen Robinson. At Gettysburg our Sacristans will be Arin Liszka and Seth Roseman. There will be four chapel services on both campuses. At Gettysburg chapel will be held mid-day Tuesdays through Fridays, with Wednesday being a Eucharist (Holy Communion). We are also planning four weekly services at Philadelphia, including Tuesday evenings and Wednesday and Thursday mid-day, with Wednesday being Eucharist. The day and time of the fourth service are not final. When intensive courses are being held on a campus, services will be held daily. Contact either of the Deans of the Chapel for ULS (Michael Krentz at Philadelphia, Mark Oldenburg at Gettysburg) if you have questions. 

Netclassroom Portal Retirement

The Gettysburg Seminary student portal, Netclassroom7, went offline Monday morning 5/22/17. This means students will no longer be able to access unofficial transcripts, student billing statements or pay student billing balances on-line until we have fully switched over to the unified system as United Lutheran Seminary. Any final statements for the year will be printed and distributed through the mail. If you need to pay your bill via credit card after this date, please contact Student Billing directly. Do not send credit card information via e-mail.

New Jobs

Check out the jobs page for new opportunities.

Brew Fest Looking for Volunteers

The Summer Brew Fest (a fundraiser for the Seminary) is on Saturday, August 19. The event starts at 3:30pm but help is needed before, after and during the event. If you will give us a couple hours, we’ll take it. If you are available (and want the free t-shirt) contact Wendy Mizenko wmizenko@ULS.edu or Bea Schultz bschultz@ULS.edu for more information. There will be live music and the cannon goes off every hour...  www.Gettysburgbrewfest.com.

Hello CTS Students and Summer Institute Participants

Please welcome to campus our Certificate in Theological Studies students who are here taking summer courses July 9-15. Church leaders attending the annual Summer Institute are also on campus this week with Dave Daubert and Chelle Huth. Have an amazing week!  

Babysitting Opportunity

Meagan Phelan, Executive Director of the Science Press Package at AAAS/Science, has office space in Valentine Hall. She is seeking babysitting assistance for three hours Wednesday mornings, beginning mid-October for a 3-year-old and a baby. She lives roughly one mile from the Getysburg campus, working four days a week at the Seminary, traveling to D.C. very early on Wednesdays (4:45-7:45am). Please contact Meagan at  meaganGphelan@gmail.com or (404) 791 2229.

Change in the Mailroom

Gráinne Davies will be working more in support of communication work going forward in her role of Communication Assistant. (She will continue to be the Manager of the Mailroom.) That means that those of us who have been used to delivered and picked up mail will need to establish a new pattern of picking up and dropping mail at the mail room boxes. We will begin learning that new pattern today, June 19. Please start to check mail downstairs and drop it off by the afternoon deadline (3:30pm) if it must go out the same day. 

Supply Preaching Coordinator

All paid supply preaching requests for students at the Gettysburg campus, regardless of source, are channeled through the Supply Preaching Coordinator. Responsibilities include: obtaining prospectus and periodic evaluations from congregations; dissemination of supply preaching opportunities to all students; directions for supply, etc. To view the full job description, click here