Friday, April 17, 2015 • Vol. XXXVIII, Issue 134



Visitors on campus

Please welcome members of First Lutheran Church (Pittsburgh, PA) who will be visiting campus today. They will be joining the community in chapel-- if you see them say "hello."

Music, Gettysburg! presents Wayne Hill and Friends

Wayne Hill and Friends will ring in Easter Joy performing hymns and songs signaling the natural and miraculous signs of new life, a in a Music, Gettysburg! concert, Sunday, Apr. 19, at 4pm in the chapel. Baritone Wayne Hill will be joined by pianist Michael Matsinko, tenor Jeffrey Fahnestock, and trumpet Peter Johnston in a range of songs by composers Handell, Vaughn Williams, Praetorius, Purcell and more. Hymn texts featuring hymn writers Herman Stuemple's and George Herbert. The concert is free and open to the public.

Senior Class Banquet

Attention all senior seminarians, faculty members, and staff personnel: Invitations have been sent your way for the event of the year, the Senior Banquet! RSVP as soon as possible for an evening of great food and even better fellowship. If any senior, faculty or staff member did not receive an invitation please contact Stephanie J Zinn Setley at

Service Day: April 25

Save the date! The SA Community Outreach Committee will be hosting a Service Day next Saturday, Apr. 25. Keep an eye on the Redactor next week for more details!

Additional Course for Fall

Registration materials for Fall 2015 have been revised as of Apr. 15, 2015 to include an elective on Luther and Augustine. Students already registered for Fall 2015 may use the drop/add form to change registration choices.

Special Student Body Meeting

Student Association will be holding a special meeting in order to discuss a proposed amendment to the constitution on Tuesday, May 5, at 5pm. Location to be announced. The proposed amendment is looking to reduce the number of Internship Class Representatives from 5 to 2. Details can be found at Any questions can be directed to Brenda Maynor, at

"LEAD NOW!" Full Scholarships to the Wild Goose Festival

The Wild Goose Festival is offering a limited number of full scholarships – no charge for attendance or camping – to first-time festival attendees (and their families) ready to LEAD NOW! Drawing on the cutting-edge leadership of the Wild Goose Festival, LEAD NOW! is a life-changing opportunity that puts seminarians and first-call ministers in up-close and personal practice settings with cutting-edge faith transformation authors and activists, such as Brian McLaren, Romal Tune, Ian Cron, Jennifer Bailey, and Wild Goose organizers. The cohort of seminarians and first call ministers will gather on the Wild Goose Festival site in beautiful Hot Spring, NC on Wednesday, July 8 for special, pre-festival sessions. The cohort continues throughout the festival and concludes with a special cohort session at 1pm. on Sunday, July 12. More info and application here: Wild Goose is a community gathered at the intersection of justice, spirituality, music, and art. Learn more about it at If you have additional questions Lauren Muratore is happy to (try to) answer them (

Student Publishes Work on Pennsylvanian History

Seminarian James J. Fritz has published an article title, "The Penn Dynasty: From Predominance to persona non grata, 1682-1775," in the Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society, (Vol. 49, No.1, 2015). The article describes early Quaker hegemony in Pennsylvania exercised by the family of William Penn, the founder. It tells of their initial dominance and later fall from grace as the American Revolution approached. The article will be displayed in the library and available for reading.

ALL WELCOME To Community Meal

Please join us for a community meal to kick-off The Weekend, this coming Friday, Apr. 17! All staff, faculty, students and guests are cordially welcome but you must register here: We are expecting 30 participants plus their guests so let's show them what a great community we have by enjoying some hamburgers, hotdogs and other delicious fare together!

Transition into new MDiv Curriculum

All MDiv students who have completed at least 27 credits by the end of the summer term 2015 and who are not going on internship in 2015 will transition into the new MDiv curriculum unless we are notified differently. To remain in the current curriculum and not transition into the new curriculum, you must petition the Dean's office in writing prior to June 1, 2015. All MDiv students who have completed fewer than 27 credits by the end of the summer term will be transitioned automatically into the new curriculum. All current interns and all students going on internship in 2015 will remain in the current MDiv curriculum. Contact Dr. Stevens with any questions (

Library's Semi-Annual Book Sale

The Library's Semi-Annual Book Sale will begin Tuesday, Apr. 28, at 8:30am in the Pioneer Room. A sale just for students, faculty, and staff will be held Monday, Apr. 27, for two hours only between 3-5pm. A valid LTSG I.D. will be required. The books will be $2 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, $1 on Thursday, $0.25 on Friday and free on Saturday and the following Monday morning (May 4) while we are packing up. The money received will be used to purchase new materials for the library.

Bookstore hours today

The bookstore hours today are

Table Talks

Come join the Seminary Community during Table Talks at Sharpshooters at Herr Tavern on Wednesday, Apr. 29. This has been a wonderful event attended by students, staff, faculty and friends. You can enjoy some appetizers provided by the Seminary, and purchase your favorite beverage. It's always a fun and energizing evening with friends and making new ones! Festivities start at 6pm; see you there!

Free $25 gift cards from Giant

Eight students are needed to participate in a small focus group discussion regarding seminary debt and finances for the Lilly Grant project. Discussion will last approximately 60-90 minutes. Participants will receive $25 gift cards from Giant immediately upon completion of discussion. Anonymity will be preserved. If interested in details of the opportunity, email

How To Submit A Redactor Announcement

We know you enjoy reading The Redactor, but have you ever wondered how to get your announcement posted? Wonder no longer! Follow these easy steps and you can be announcing things to your hearts desires (as approved by editing guidelines).

1. Write your announcement as you would hope to have it appear (in paragraph form) and include the name of the event, what the event is, the date, the time, and the location. Please remember that event locations cannot be announced before the room/space request has been approved through the Events Office (visit here to do that: Please also remember to include a contact name and email with your announcement should any readers have questions.
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ePortfolio Pilot Group (free food included!)

A catered meal and opportunity for students to learn about ePortfolios at LTSG will beheld Tuesday, May 5 (7:30-8:30am) or Friday, May 8 (immediately after chapel), in Val. 308. E-Portfolios are important tools for your professional future in ministry and this is a chance to receive a free paid-subscription worth $100/year! The presentation is geared towards Juniors, Middlers, and Interns. Please RSVP to if interested.

Working In the Garden on Thursday

Some folks will be working in the garden this Thursday beginning at 10am. They will be tilling the soil up, weeding and cleaning out the beds and the surrounding area, and then planting some cool weather crops. The work will continue until around 3pm. If you have any questions, please email Sam at 


The Howard University School of Divinity Equipping Pastors and Leaders: Financial Stewardship for 21st Century Ministry Lilly Endowment grant program presents the first in a series of Financial Education Workshops on Thursday, Apr. 23, from 12 noon - 2pm in the Pratt Room at Howard Divinity. This workshop, "The Role of Credit in Your Life: Student Loans and Debt Liquidation Strategies", will be facilitated by Mr. Theodore Daniels, Founder & President, Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. There will be a complimentary lunch served. Registration is required. Please contact to register.