Quick Facts

Just the Facts.

  • The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg is the oldest of the ELCA seminaries, founded in 1826 by Samuel Simon Schmucker.  Comprised of 25 buildings on 52 acres.

  • More than 5,500 have graduated from Gettysburg Seminary.  We have alums in 50 states including District of Columbia, and 10 countries.

  • The Wentz Library has over 190,000 books, journals, microforms and other resources.  Plus the resources of the combined libraries of the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries and the Washington Theological Consortium.

  • The Seminary’s cost to educate a student (Fiscal Year 2015-2016) is $40,100 per year.  The average cost of textbooks is $600 for one year.  Nearly every student receives financial aid.  Learn more how you can help click here.

  • July 1st fight on the Gettysburg battlefield ranks in the top 10 Civil War battles and both Union and Conferderate forces used “old dorm” now home to the Seminary Ridge Museum .


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