Invocation for 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

Civil-War-150th-Kickoff-124-(4).JPGInvocation – 150th Anniversary of the Civil War at the Pennsylvania Monument, Gettysburg, PA
by the Rev. Dr. Nelson Strobert
Let Us Pray:
“God of our weary years,
God of our silent tears,
thou who hast brought us thus far on the way;”

You bring us to this place to remember one hundred and fifty years, surrounded by statues of Meade, Reynolds, Birney, Hancock, Gregg, Pleasonton,, Curtin, and President Lincoln , we recall Fields, blood, toil, sacrifice, tears, Broken bodies, divided families, Cannons, death, the perils of war.
But in the midst of these, the refrain of liberty was in the air then; surrounded by and in the voices of hope: Douglass, and Payne, and Turner, and Tubman, Liberty and hope are in the air now.
Help us to remember the price of liberty.

Help us also to live in hope for the future of freedom in this nation, and nations around Your world; For all people, near and far, so that, "shadowed beneath [your] hand, may we forever stand, true to [you] our God, true to our native land." Amen.
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