September 23, 2014  •   Vol. XXXVIII, Issue 16



Mon.: Stuffed peppers, buttered corn and a salad

Tues.: Deli buffet

Wed.: Soup and salad

Thurs.: TBA

Fri.: TBA


Sept. 24: Senior Approval Panels; Sexual Abuse Prevention Workshop; No classes

Sept. 26: Music, Gettysburg!: Kim & Reggie Harris (7pm)

Oct. 1: January Term registration opens

Oct. 6: Internship orientation

Oct. 7: CPE orientation

Oct. 8: Seniors and Call Process meeting

Oct. 14-15: Board of Directors meeting

Oct. 27-31: Fall Academy Week; Luther Colloquy; no classes


Job Opportunities


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Internship orientation
There will be an internship orientation for students planning to go on internship during the 2015-2016 year on Oct. 6, at 1:30pm in Valentine 310.

CPE orientation

There will be a CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) orientation for students planning to apply for CPE units this next year. The orientation will be held Oct. 7, at 3pm in Valentine Auditorium.

First call meeting for Seniors

Reminder for Seniors: The meeting with Nancy Gable to go over first call details will be Oct. 8, at 6:30pm in Valentine 310.

Supply Preaching opportunities
Do you want more practice proclaiming the Word before you head off for internship? Perhaps you miss the pulpit and desire to keep improving on your preaching? Worry no longer— there are supply preaching opportunities available for you! If you are an LTSG student that has completed "Intro to Preaching” you are encouraged to sign up to be a supply preacher. You will earn some cash (including mileage) and have the chance to preach in different contexts while serving local congregations. You can sign up by filling out the form at If you have any questions, please email Courtney, at

From your LTSG Admissions Team

We looked through the entire dictionary and couldn’t find a single word to describe how incredible the community was for #TheWeekend14. Your witness was one of radical hospitality, defined this way by Angela Zimmann in her GETT Talk on Saturday: “This is my home. Be assured that this is your home. Because first and foremost this is God’s home.” That’s what you said to those who gathered to discern their call here on Seminary Ridge this past weekend. That’s good preachin’. Thank you! 
Lauren, Julie, Susie, and Allison

Common Ground
Common Ground will be held Sept. 26-28, on Seminary Ridge! There will be great concerts, music workshops, and more, that will look at war and the Church, civil rights, veterans, and the underground railroad. Plus, you can sing and jam with the string band, sing in the Common Ground Gospel Choir and learn about 19th century cooking. A variety of presenters and artists will share their stories and knowledge, including Kim & Reggie Harris, Dr. Maria Erling, the Martin Family Band, Walt Michael, Jill Titus, and more. Friday night will feature a Music, Gettysburg! concert followed by a dance led by Drs. Briant and Karin Bohleke and Dearest Home. Saturday night will feature “Songs and Stories of a Civil War Hospital” at Christ Lutheran (Gettysburg). All events are free for seminary students and faculty, while families may register with the group rate. To register, visit

Residency opportunity
Rev. Peter Marty from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Davenport, IA is visiting this week to talk to interested seniors regarding a pastoral residency program.  Please contact Ms. Tammy Hermanson to schedule a time this morning to meet in Valentine 312 (or talk with Rev. Marty). Brochures are also available on the Field Ed. table outside of Katie Dodd's office.  

Seminary student essay contest
The Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund invites students to participate in a 700-1,000 word essay contest. The essay should address the question, “In our world today which is filled with self-help books and gurus, preaching the benefits of “mindfulness,”  how would Luther advise us regarding our frantic search for meaning and peace in our stressful live?” The prize for first place is $750! This opportunity is open to any student in an ELCA seminary. Gritsch was Gettysburg Seminary's Emeritus Professor of Church History. Submissions must be postmarked by midnight, October 5, 2014. For details, see the flyer on the Valentine Hall Kiosk or visit

I want to add my thanks to those being expressed by our Admissions team to ALL who contributed in making The Weekend such a powerful event.  Many were the “testimonies” of the 40-plus persons who came to campus regarding the hospitality, sense of community, spiritual inspiration and intellectual stimulation experienced among us.  LTSG is what it is because of all of us who share this place.  Thanks for your part in creating this kind of community and embracing others who come among us!

Pres. Cooper-White

Voter Registration

If you are not registered to vote, sign up for free at the YWCA on the Seminary campus from 8am – 6pm today. This is one of many stations across the country. Visit

Join the Wellness Committee
The Wellness Committee will be having its very first meeting of the semester this Thursday during lunch. If you’re interested in all things wellness (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and more!) please join us, and we can serve LTSG together! If you have any questions or are interested in joining but cannot attend the meeting, please email Allison at

Welcome the newest member of our community
Rachel Bailey and her husband have welcomed a daughter, Bryn, born Sept. 3, at 10:50 pm. She weighed 7 lb 11 oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Mother and daughter are both doing well. Please keep them in your prayers as Bryn grows.

Local church leaders: need a Supply Preacher?
Consider hiring a seminarian for your supply preaching needs! For more information on how your congregation can participate in fostering the development of leaders in the church, e-mail the LTSG Supply Preaching Coordinator, Courtney, at

Go directly to jail!
A group of about 15 students will be able to spend part of Oct. 27 at the state correctional institution at Camp Hill, PA.  Hosted by the chaplains of that institution, they'll get a tour of the facility and an idea of the ministries that are possible there.  While anyone might be interested in such a trip, it would be particularly interesting to those who might want to explore fulfilling the multi-cultural requirement there.  For more information, talk with Dr. Oldenburg, or if you're already interested in taking part, simply send him an email with your name, address, and social security number (  There's some time constraints: we'll need to start working on getting security clearance for visitors next Monday, so please submit your interest by Friday, Sept 26.

Refund checks
Refund checks from Federal Student Loans were distributed to campus mail boxes on Friday, Sept. 19. Refund checks resulting from Fall 2014 scholarships will be distributed to campus mail boxes by Friday, Sept. 26. Questions may be directed to Financial Services.

Scheduled internet and TV outage
There will be an internet and cable TV outage Wednesday morning between midnight and  5:30am. This outage is to repair damage to our incoming fiber line from Comcast. Updates will be posted to our twitter feed at . Questions or concerns can be  sent to

Keep a sweater at hand in Valentine
The boiler has been taken off line temporarily (two weeks expected) in Valentine Hall for repairs and alterations that will make the system more efficient and durable.  The new design and additional high efficiency furnace will also guard against future breakdowns of the boiler in winter months.  Normally, we are not yet in heating season, but cool nights might make the building a little cooler than usual.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Workshop
The Sexual Abuse Prevention Education workshop will be on Wednesday, from 9am-6pm.  All candidates preparing for rostered ministry within the ELCA will be required to complete the one-day workshop prior to graduation.  The cost of the workshop is $50.  Please email Julie Ritter ( to register for the workshop.