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The Seminary Explores LogoFrom the religion beat to the arts, from theology to politics, from ethics to interfaith issues, the Seminary Explores podcasts give you a mind opening glimpse of the world,  20 minutes at a time. When and where you want it. 

Established in 1970 as a radio program for central PA audiences, the Seminary Explores exercised its mission as an outreach in public theology and mission leadership by moving to the web in late 2013. 

No longer broadcast early Sunday mornings, The Seminary Explores provides an opportunity for the Seminary's wider constituencies and the global community to hear a variety of issues that are of significant theological interest, but do not entail self-advertising or proselytizing. 

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Podcasts listed by year 

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6/19/17 Not Waiting for the Hero

David LaMotte

6/5/17 Unfolding Stories

Nancy Cook

5/22/17 All That Jazz!

Pastor Dale Lind

5/8/17 Speed Painting, Heraldry and Fantasy

Itamar Reiner

4/24/17 Anne Tait on Cemeteries, Anthropology, and Making Things by Hand

Anne Tait

4/10/17 Texting Whitman :-)

Brandi Martin Yu

3/27/17 Not Charity, but a Chance

Dr. David Crowner

3/13/17 Urban Ministry, Black Men, and the Lutheran Church

Pastor Yehiel Curry

3/6/17 Real History Meets Virtual Reality

Lathan Marstellar

2/27/17 Literacy, America's Silent Scandal Amanda Garner
2/13/17 A Painter-Adventurer and the NPAF Founder visit Seminary Ridge Chantelle Dinkel and Tanya Ortega
2/8/17 Taking the Long View: Artist Nick Collier and the Raw Charms of a Gettysburg Winter Nick Collier
1/30/17 Lutherans and Catholics "On the Way" to Unity Donald McCoid
 1/16/17 After Custer's Defeat: The Fate of Native Americans in the U.S. and Canada Will Hutchison
1/2/2017 Top Stories in Religion for 2016 Dr. Donnella



12/19/16 Ageless Wisdom Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto
12/5/16 Out of the Depths Sally Stewart

Standing on Hallowed Ground

Michela Miller-Ferree and George Ferree

Black Lives Matter?

Dr. Richard Stewart, Dr. Joseph Donnella  

Laughing and Crying in Silence: A Chaplain's Story of 9/11

Fr. Lawrence Recla

Happy 100th Birthday to Our National Parks

Ed W. Clark

The Art and Experience of Wet Plate Photography

Robert Beech

Cancer Trials and Christian Faith: One Expression of a Lutheran Vocation

Dr. Greg Yothers
9/12/16 Storyboards and Battle Plans: Gettysburg National Military Park Artist-in-Residence Leigh Rydberg Leigh Rydberg
8/15/16 Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Gravitational Waves—More Fun with Physics with Dr. Craig Foltz Dr. Craig Foltz
8/8/16 American Elections: Why Have We Become so Divided? Dr. Kenneth Mott
8/1/16 Where Michelangelo Stood: Vocation, Incarnation and New Work in an Old Form Sarah Hempel Irani
7/18/16 Firefighting and Public Ministry: An Expanded Understanding of Vocation Jono Adams
7/11/16 Is the Private Practice Physician a Dinosaur? Dr. Elizabeth Wood
7/4/16 "Left Unsaid": The Secret to the Longevity of our Constitution Dr. Kenneth Mott


The Fourth of July, the Founding Fathers and the First Peoples of this Country Dr. Timothy J. Shannon
6/27/16 Traces: A Gathering Up Marlene Alt
6/20/16 A Conversation with the Early-rising, Prolific Author Gary Fincke Gary Fincke
6/13/16 Inside Organic Farming Today Mary Ann Oyler
6/6/16 The Church of the Augsburg Confession in Serbia and Slovakia Ivan Belanji
5/23/16 The Ins and Outs of ELW, from Someone who was There! Mr. Mark Mummert
5/9/16 How we See: Facial Recognition, Make-up, and Beauty Dr. Richard Russell
4/25/16 A Masterwork of Doubting Belief: R.S. Thomas and His Poetry The Rev. John McEllhenney
4/11/16 Health Care Ethics in the Finnish Context Rev. Dr. Karoliina Nikula
3/28/16 Staying Amazed – Important for Preachers and Poets Dr. Robert Randolph
3/14/16 Genetics, Immunology and Microscopic Worms: The Natural Curiosity of a Scientist Dr. Jennifer Powell
2/29/16 Looking into the Heavens with an Astrophysicist Dr. Craig Foltz
2/15/16 Better Living Through Chemistry Dr. Michael Wedlock
2/1/16 The Kinship of War and Poetry Tony Curtis
1/18/16 Top Ten Stories in Religion 2015 Dr. Vincent Evener
1/4/16 Physics: What it is and why it matters (The Big Bang Theory, String Theory, and God) Dr. Sharon Stephenson


12/21/15 Geology, Climate Change & Life Today Dr. Sarah Principato
12/7/15 A Youth Extravaganza Jay Eckman
12/4/15 Syria is Serious Business Dennis F. Carter
11/23/15 The State of Education Dr. Wenifort Washington, and Dr. Jean Harper
11/9/15 A Time of Transition: Retirement and the Clergy Pastor Paul Mundey
10/26/15 The Cost of War: Yugoslavia James Roach
10/12/15 Hand's–on Social Justice Rev. Scott Schul
9/28/15 Welcoming a new face and a new perspective: Dr. Vince Evener Dr. Vince Evener
9/21/15 Gettysburg: The Quest for Meaning Dr. Leonard Hummel
9/14/15 New Words, Old War: Artists-in-Residence on the Gettysburg Battlefield  Michelle Bonczek Evory and Rob Evory
9/1/15 Talking Science in the Seminary with a Stuempfle Dr. Kristin J. Stuempfle
8/31/15 The Cost of War, Part 2: Children of the Battlfield Thomas Rutherford
8/17/15 Science for Seminaries Dr. Leonard Hummel
8/2/15 Encyclical on the Environment from Pope Francis Dr. Collinge
7/20/15 Museums: Closets for America’s Keepsakes Dr. Daryl Black
7/6/15 Rediscovering a Great Woman Author, Elsie Singmaster Sue Hill
6/22/15 What's the Future of Health Care in America? Will Lane
6/8/15 Going Green John Spangler
5/25/15 Psalms for Skeptics Dr. Kent Gramm
5/11/15 Re-contextualizing American Lutheranism Rev. Dr. Maria Erling
4/27/15 Secular Religion and Sunday Worship Rev. Dr. Mark Oldenburg
4/13/15 Why Poetry Matters for Preachers Katy Giebenhain
3/30/15 “Race Matters”—Issues of Race, Culture and the Church Rev. Dr. Martin Zimmann
3/16/15 Building Effective Long-term Pastorates Rev. Glenn Ludwig
3/2/15 Are We Getting High on Marijuana? Dr. Tom Deloe
2/16/15 What Are They Saying About Friendship? Pastor Fritz Foltz
2/2/15 Reconciling in Christ, the Purpose and the Process Shirley Armstrong
1/19/15 Parish Ministry in this Time of Change Pastor J. Elise Brown
1/5/15 Mr. Lincoln’s Religion Dr. Bradley Hoch


12/22/14 Cultural Changes that Church Leaders Cannot Afford to Miss Dr. William O. Avery
12/9/14 The Conflict in Ukraine Ambassador Lawrence Taylor
12/8/14 Unweaving Exile: One Artist's Response to 9/11 Laurie Wohl
11/24/14 Measuring the Costs of War in Human Relationships Thomas Rutherford
11/10/14 A View of the Church in Cameroon, Central Africa Dr. Paul Déouyo
10/27/14 The Public Defender as Office and Ministry Kristin Rice
10/13/14 Why Lutherans Should Care about and for Creation The Rev. Dr. David Rhodes
9/29/14 Martin Luther and the Jews Dr. Kirsi Stjerna and Dr. Brooks Schramm
9/15/14 Making Aging an Adventure Stephen Niebler
9/2/14 Lutheran Monasticism: Contradiction in Terms? Father Jude
8/27/14 The Conflict in the Middle East: From one who has been there Rev. Dr. Angela Zimmann
8/18/14 Faith Forming Faith:  Christian Discipleship in a Post-Christian World Paul Hoffman and Donna Linn
8/4/14 The Prophetic [Political] Church Lamar Bailey
7/21/14 Community Gardening Sara Gyson
7/7/14 What We Should Know about Argentina Rotary International
6/23/14 Sin Boldly! The Transforming Power of God’s Justification Rev. Dr. Ted Peters
6/9/14 Transforming the Church Rev. Dr. Cheryl Peterson
5/26/14 What We Should Know about Nicaragua Greg Bowles
5/12/2014 Buddhism and its Appeal in the West Bhante Sujatha
5/12/2014 From Sri Lanka to Chicago: The Journey of a Buddhist Monk Bhante Sujatha
4/28/2014 American Apocalyptic Maria Erling
4/14/2014 Eric Shafer Part 2: Our Interreligious World and Media Technologies Eric Shafer
4/14/2014 Eric Shafer Part 1: Media and Religion Eric Shafer
3/31/2014 From Dublin Bay to Seminary Ridge: Poet Micheal O’Siadhail Micheal O'Siadhail
3/17/2014 The Roll of the Liberal Arts Education Baird Tipson
3/3/2014 Women’s Equality and Reproductive Choice Kate Michelman
2/17/2014 Eco-theology in Indonesia Whitney Bauman
2/3/2014 The Work and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charles Brown
1/20/2014 Apocalyptic in the New Testament Rick Carlson
1/10/2014 The 10 Top Stories in Religion for 2013 Eric Crump


12/23/2013 Christmas: Where It All Began Mark Hoffman
12/9/2013 Historical Artist Dale Gallon Dale Gallon
11/25/2013 The Work of a Systematic Theologian Kristin Largen
11/11/2013 The Issues and Challenges for the Church in Northern Germany Gerhard Ulrich
10/28/2013 What is special about the new Seminary Ridge Museum? Barbara Franco
10/16/2013 Looking Back, Looking Forward Strobert/Christianson
9/30/2013 The Sustainability of Seminary Education Michael Cooper-White



Looking into the Heavens with an Astrophysicist


The Fourth of July, the Founding Fathers and the First Peoples of this Country


Will Hutchison